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BISON History

The Bridging between buyers and BISON worldwide since 2015

Established a company

Taizhou Bison Machinery Co., Ltd. was established.

2015 January

Team and Platform

Set up 2 Alibaba international stations.

2015 July

Entrepreneurship Competition

Participated in the Taizhou Internet + Entrepreneurship Competition and won the first place.

2015 December

Company relocation

Production site from 1500 square meters to 3000 square meters.

2016 July

Expand product categories

Developed agricultural machinery products, set up the fourth international station.

2017 October

Operation Team

Start to form an operation team.

2017 December

Platform specialization

Alibaba international platforms has increased to 5. Add one platform of Made in China, two Official Website.

2018 January

Extend to downstream products

Cooperate with professional team to provide customers with more perfect parts.

2018 May

Amoeba transformation of the sales department

Established 5 independent business departments.

2019 January

Apply for National High-tech

Prepare for future brand propaganda and listing.

2019 September

Completed the company-wide reform

Improve the rules and regulations, develop and produce core components by ourselves.

2019 December

Company relocation

Expand factory area and replace office.

2020 July

Form a new team

Set up a tool group.

2020 December

New factory

Built second factory.

2021 April