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BISON is a manufacturer of diesel pressure washer in China. We have many types for you to choose from, including hot water, commercial, portable, trailer types... In addition, there are many options for your customization, such as pressure size (4000 psi, 5000psi, 6000psi), start mode (electric start, remote start)...

BISON small pressure washer

small high pressure washer BS-DE200A BS-DE200B
pressure 170bar-2500psi 170bar-2500psi
max flow 15LPM/4GPM 15LPM/4GPM
power 6hp/296cc 6hp/296cc
speed 3400rpm 3400rpm
start recoil start/electric start
pump modle PG200 PG200
pump head/material brass brass
gross weight(kg) 64 83
size(l*w*h)(mm) 760*580*620 840*530*660
20gp 90 87
40gp 240 232

BISON commercial pressure washer

commercial high pressure washer BS-DE250A BS-DE250B
pressure 250bar-3600psi 250bar-3600psi
max flow 15LPM/4GPM 15LPM/4GPM
power 10hp/418cc 10hp/418cc
speed 3400rpm 3400rpm
start recoil start/electric start
pump modle PG250 PG250
pump head/material brass brass
gross weight(kg) 74 93
size(l*w*h)(mm) 760*580*620 840*530*660
20gp 90 87
40gp 240 232

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Our Clients Said

Start working with China factory, BISON can provide everything you need to purchase, wholesale.


" There isn't much I can say bad about this diesel pressure washer. It's the best I've ever purchased. I spent several weeks researching different diesel pressure washer suppliers. In the end, BISON's services and products impressed me, which is consistent with my philosophy, BISON by the way is one of the top rated for power and dependability. "

Michael - Purchase


" So far I am very satisfied with this three phase diesel high pressure washer ET2.2-4 and highly recommend it. I've tried many diesel pressure washer samples.This one is both powerful and it seems very well built in that things are placed on the unit in a very ergonomic fashion. Further procurement plans are already being communicated. "

ramon escandon - C.E.O


" I bought this diesel high pressure washer, the brand its important because of quality. The engine deliver all the power need it, I did my research and diesel are more powerful than electric ones. I believe it will get attention in the market.
Soooo............... Glad i bought 3600psi diesel powered pressure washer! I will highly recommend it to my customers. "

StevieGee - C.E.O


" Two points: first,this diesel high pressure washer very easy to start. Second: the manufacturer made good on the excellent warranty and gave me sweety service, with video view production process, ready to go. Anyhow I would certainly buy diesel high pressure washer from BISON again. "

ron - Purchase

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A holistic solution to your most common questions about BISON diesel pressure washers.

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diesel pressure washer wholesale guide

BISON diesel high-pressure washers are specifically designed to remove grease, dirt, paint stripping and other harsh outdoor cleaning applications. All models are certified to safety standards. High-efficiency cleaning of large areas requires diesel high-pressure washers, which work at about three times faster than electric high-pressure washers. And because there are no wires to hinder you, you have greater mobility. For every commercial-grade cleaning job, diesel pressure washer is the ultimate tool of choice.

diesel pressure washer

Features of diesel pressure washer:

  • Fuel-efficient: Compared with gasoline-powered high-pressure washers, pressure washers equipped with diesel engines are more fuel-efficient.

  • Reliability and durability: The diesel-powered pressure washer has a longer service life.

  • Higher PSI: Diesel pressure washers with higher PSI can meet your pressure requirements. At the same time, diesel pressure washers can produce a higher flow rate than electric washers.

  • Ideal for industrial-grade applications: Unlike electric pressure washers, diesel pressure washers are used to clean heavy-duty cleaning applications.

Use a diesel pressure washer to immediately remove the most stubborn dirt and dirtiest areas. Due to higher performance and efficiency, diesel pressure washers are the most popular machines recommended by professionals. For example, farmers usually own large tracts of land, so it is essential to have diesel pressure washers that can clean trailers, barns, machinery, tractors and combine harvesters. Besides, in car wash companies, diesel power washers are also very popular. Professional car washers are unlikely to need a portable pressure washer because they tend to clean in one place. Diesel pressure washers will be in use most of the day, so durability and cost-effective operating costs are a priority.

A good diesel pressure washer supplier will always know the answers to your questions. BISON has professional customer service agents who will not only sell diesel washers, but also help you use and maintain them correctly.


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BISON will focus on diesel and gasoline pressure washers. These two categories offer superior cleaning capabilities, but they differ in several key aspects.