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wholesale gasoline pressure washer

Whether you are looking for commercial or residential use, we have a choice for you! BISON have a range of psi and engine sizes. In addition, we also provide models with wheels.

BISON small gasoline pressure washer

small high pressure washer BS-170A/B BS-170C BS-170D BS-170L BS-170NA BS-170NB BS-170NC BS-G150A/B
pressure 150-170bar/2200-2500psi 150bar-2200psi
max flow 9LPM/2.4GPM 12.6LPM/3.4GPM
power 6.5hp/196cc 6.5hp/196cc 6.5hp/196cc 6.5hp/196cc 6.5hp/196cc 6.5hp/196cc 6.5hp/196cc 7hp/210cc
speed 3400rpm 3400rpm 3400rpm 3400rpm 3400rpm 3400rpm 3400rpm 3400rpm
start recoil start
pump modle BSP170 BSP170 BSP170 BSP170 BSP170 BSP170 BSP170 PG200
pump head/material aluminum brass
gross weight(kg) 30 31 30 35 31 34 30 36
size(l*w*h)(mm) 560*475*535 620*450*535 560*540*635 830*420*465 520*520*535 830*440*535 520*430*630 650*410*520
20gp 192 180 132 195 176 140 180 200
40gp 500 475 352 468 440 475 350 525

BISON commercial gasoline pressure washer

commercial high pressure washer BS-180A/B BS-180C BS-170D BS-170L BS-170NA BS-170NB BS-170NC BS-G200A/B BS-G250A/B
pressure 180-200bar/2600-2900psi 200bar-2900psi 250bar-3600psi
max flow 9LPM/2.4GPM 15LPM/4GPM 15LPM/4GPM
power 6.5hp/196cc 6.5hp/196cc 6.5hp/196cc 6.5hp/196cc 6.5hp/196cc 6.5hp/196cc 6.5hp/196cc 13hp/390cc 15hp/420cc
speed 3400rpm 3400rpm 3400rpm 3400rpm 3400rpm 3400rpm 3400rpm 3400rpm 3400rpm
start recoil start recoil start/electric start
pump modle BSP180 BSP180 BSP180 BSP180 BSP180 BSP180 BSP180 PG200 PG250
pump head/material brass
gross weight(kg) 31.5 32 31.5 36 32 36 31.5 50 58
size(l*w*h)(mm) 560*475*535 620*450*535 560*540*635 830*420*465 530*530*535 620*440*530 830*440*535 720*580*620 720*580*620
20gp 192 180 132 195 176 140 180 90 90
40gp 500 475 352 468 440 475 350 240 240

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Our Clients Said

Start working with China factory, BISON can provide everything you need to purchase, wholesale.


" Purchased from April, 2020. I am delighted with the gasoline pressure washer. Our customer said it easy to assemble, started on the very first pull, quite powerful. Best pressure washer supplier by far of the 3 I have owned. Thrilled with my purchase and the quality and value of this gasoline power washer. "

Pati Nolen - Purchase


" I chose this gasoline high-pressure washer supplier as the result of good ratings and my own experience with their generators. in fact, BISON's products are indeed worthy of my trust,my customers are happy with the quite gasoline pressure washer as of now.Of course in the future I will consider vivi's advice to expand my products, after all she is also very professional. "

Doug Renfro - Purchase


" Overall, after my first purchas of the gasoline pressure washer, I’m quite pleased.They are fairly easy to assemble. The engine started right up and ran well. The pressure from the nozzles are powerful and Clients see immediate results.Just as a side note, This is very helpful for me to sell in the market. "

Janet H. - C.E.O


" The customized instruction manual is very good ,reduced our workload for services.Excellent feedback from customers . It's bigger and heavier than the electric pressure washer I used to purchase, but this gasoline power washer has much more power, Very happy with this purchase. "

Tim Commerford - C.E.O

Common FAQ

A holistic solution to your most common questions about BISON gasoline pressure washers.

Manufacturing company that makes gasoline pressure washer product

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gasoline pressure washer wholesale guide

Find a best gasoline pressure washer manufacturer to help you occupy the pressure washer market. The water pressure of a gasoline pressure washer is 75 times that of an ordinary garden hose. Compared with garden hoses, gasoline pressure washers use 80% less water to clean the same surface.

Gasoline pressure washer is a tool that can be used to clean many items in a home or business environment. These multifunctional high-pressure washers can be used to remove dirt, mould, paint, and gum from a variety of surfaces, including concrete, siding, fences, and vehicles.

gasoline pressure washer

Benefits of gasoline pressure washer

BISON gasoline pressure washer works well in various places because they are easy to transport and do not require power cords and electrical outlets.


  • Super powerful. The PSI of the gasoline pressure washer can fully meet the needs of daily use, as well as some commercial needs.

  • Gasoline pressure washer has a higher water flow, which can reduce your cleaning time and remove more stubborn stains.

  • Very durable. As the water pressure increases, they are made of higher quality parts, so they generally have a longer service life.

  • Usually with wheels. Because of the heavier weight, they usually use a very portable frame, which is easier to move.

What should be considered when buying a gasoline pressure washer?

When you consider buying an affordable gasoline-powered washer on BISON, be sure to consider the size of the machine, the size of the fuel tank, the type of engine, and the wheels. If you need to move the pressure washer frequently, a smaller and portable pressure washer can better meet your needs. You should also consider convenient transportation on wheels. If you want to use it for a longer period of time without adding gasoline, you need a larger fuel tank.

  • Durability: You should check the material of the pressure washer. Not only the main body, but also all the connecting parts, hoses, pumps, frames and everything else.

  • Use: What would you use it to clean? If you plan to clean regular surfaces such as driveways, cars, and walls, then you should wholesale household gasoline pressure washer. However, if you want to remove paint, clean deeply embedded moss, accumulated dirt and mold, you should look for a commercial gasoline pressure washer. If the surface you want to clean contains more oil stains, you can also choose BISON hot water pressure washer.

  • Use environment: You must consider where to use the pressure washer. Some high-pressure washers have a low structure, so they cannot move smoothly in harsh outdoor environments. The metal welded frame can also protect the engine and pump better than the plastic shell.

  • Water pressure: The unit of water pressure is PSI-pounds per square inch. The starting pressure of most gasoline pressure washers is about 2700 PSI, but it is often in the range of 3000-4000. You should also check GPM-gallons per minute. This number reflects the amount of water that can flow out of the equipment. When buying a gasoline pressure washer, you must consider both of these numbers. Light duty pressure washers (rated between 1300 to 1900 PSI, 2 GPM) are ideal for small jobs like cleaning outdoor furniture, grills, and vehicles. Commercial pressure washers are rated at 3100 PSI or higher and can handle jobs like stripping paint and removing graffiti.

  • Noise: Check your local regulations regarding noise, pressure washer noise levels are measured in decibels (dBA). Make sure the noise level of your new tool is legal in your area.

  • Cost: Gasoline pressure washers are an investment, but their prices vary. Gasoline-powered household pressure washers range in price from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

  • Extra features: What are the additional features of the pressure washer? Does it come with any accessories, additional nozzles, oil warning system or any safety precautions? It is worth checking, so you know what kind of gasoline pressure washer is more worthy of wholesale.

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how to use gasoline pressure washer

The power washer uses a pump to push water out at variable pressure, and the engine runs on gasoline.