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wholesale electric pressure washer

China BISON is a professional electric pressure washer factory and supplier, we provide various types of electric pressure washer. Wall-mounted electric cold water high-pressure washer is ideal for indoor store applications. Heavy-duty commercial pressure cleaners can meet the requirements of high PSI applications in your mind. In addition, there are other customization options such as hot water, belt drive, single or three phase.

BISON single phase pressure washer

single phase pressure washer ES2.2-2 ES3-2 ES2.2-4 ES3-4
pressure 100bar-1450psi 140bar-2030psi 100bar-1450psi 140bar-2030psi
max flow 12.6LPM/3.4GPM
power 2.2kw 3kw 2.2kw 3kw
voltage frequency single phase 220v/50hz or 220v/60hz
speed 2900rpm 2900rpm 1450rpm 1450rpm
gross weight(kg) 46 48 52 56
size(l*w*h)(mm) 780*480*380mm
20gp 216 216 216 216
40gp 432 432 432 432

BISON three phase pressure washer

three phase pressure washer ET2.2-4 ET3-4 ET4-4 ES5.5-4A ES7.5-4A
pressure 80-100bar/1160-1450psi 120-140bar/1740-2030psi 186-200bar/2700-2900psi 250bar-3600psi 250bar/2200psi
max flow 12.6LPM/3.4GPM 12.6LPM/3.4GPM 12.6LPM/3.4GPM 12.6LPM/3.4GPM 15LPM/4GPM
power 2.2kw 3kw 4kw 5.5kw 7.5kw
voltage frequency three phase 380v/50hz or 60hz
speed 1450rpm 1450rpm 1450rpm 1450rpm 1450rpm
gross weight(kg) 53 57 69 85 88
size(l*w*h)(mm) 780*480*380mm 780*480*380mm 780*480*380mm 880*490*450mm 880*490*450mm
20gp 216 216 216 112 224
40gp 432 432 432 432 432

BISON hot water pressure washer

electric hot water pressure washer BS1014 BS1515 BS2516
pressure 100 bar-1450psi 150bar-2200psi 250bar-3600psi
max flow 14LPM 15LPM 16LPM
power 2.2kw 3kw 5.5kw
voltage frequency 380v/50hz
speed 1450rpm 1450rpm 1450rpm
pump modle ar brand pum ar brand pum ar brand pum
temperature 60-100°C 60-100°C 60-100°C

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Our Clients Said

Start working with China factory, BISON can provide everything you need to purchase, wholesale.


" This electric high pressure washer does everything well as advertised. The electric start worked perfectly after plugging in the power. And this electric pressure washer just started with the push of a button. Thanks BISON for supporting my delivery plan and helping me avoid losing a default fee. "

Edward - Purchase


" The electric high pressure washer works great. The motor starts pretty easily, I don't have any issues.I've purchased this single phase electric power high pressure washer a few times so far and I'm completely happy with the benefits it has brought me. "

Bryan - C.E.O


" After several months contacting Bison high pressure washesr supplier I finally ordered the ES5.5-4A, 3600psi and I could not be any happier.I believe it will perform well in the market.Great electric power washer, starts right up, works like it should, low working noise.The electric start is a very handy feature. "

Matt Baack - C.E.O


" This is outright excellent electric high pressure washer! Very durable, very well made and works like a beast. I am very happy with this performance and highly recommend it to my customers. Worth every penny!I will buy more next time "

Jani Creel - C.E.O

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A holistic solution to your most common questions about BISON electric pressure washers.

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electric pressure washer wholesale guide

For years, the only option available to consumers who needed a pressure washer to handle large, arduous cleanups was a heavy-duty gasoline/diesel powered machine. These certainly do the job well, but they are also noisy, produce noxious fumes, and cost a lot of extra money in terms of maintenance. Therefore, an alternative to gasoline pressure washers, electric pressure washers, are becoming more and more popular every year. Today, they are the primary choice for most residential and even some commercial applications.

The basic components of a high-pressure washer are the water inlet, hoses, nozzles, spray guns, pumps and electric motors. The pump is responsible for driving the water or the solution used. These pumps are usually crankshaft pumps or swash plate pumps, depending on the model of electric high pressure washer purchased.

The best electric pressure washer combine two important operational aspects: pressure and water flow. The water flow rate is measured in litres per minute or per hour. Pressure is measured in kg / cm2 or bar (1.034 kg / cm2 = 1.013 bar).
single phase electric pressure washer

three phase electric pressure washer

Advantages of powerful electric pressure washer


Regardless of the size and rated power of the motor, you don't have to do anything to maintain its interior. These motors are tightly packed and oil-free, so no lubrication is involved.

Please consider wholesale high pressure washer with water cooling function. They use water circulating through the washing machine as a coolant, which can extend the working time.


Generally speaking, the motor noise is low. If high noise levels bother you, an electric pressure washer with a silent design may be the best choice.


When BISON was manufacturing these powerful electric high-pressure washers, we adopted excellent design solutions to solve the movement problem. Such as folding frame design, lightweight and high-strength metal alloy and large wheels.


Electric pressure washers tend to be a little less expensive than other models, making them attractive to any homeowner on a budget. In addition, the operating cost and maintenance cost of the electric washer are lower.

Application range of electric pressure washer

1. Wooden surface

Wooden surfaces include porches, decks, outdoor tables and chairs, etc. Please use a wide-angle nozzle or set the high pressure washer to low power mode. Then try to gradually increase the output pressure. Everything is to protect the wooden surface. The pressure for car washing is also within this range. Use the low pressure setting of the spray gun with the soap nozzle to apply the cleaner, then use the 25 degree or 40 degree nozzle to rinse off the foam and all dirt/debris. For areas that are difficult to clean, J type pressure washer extension lance or U type pressure washing extension wand can be used to clean the bottom and roof of the car.

2. Ceramic surface and floor tiles

One of the best uses of a powerful electric pressure washer is to clean the swimming pool and get rid of mold. Turn on your high-pressure washer for a few minutes to complete the maintenance of the house.

3. Metal and concrete surfaces

The maximum power and narrowest nozzles are suitable for cleaning various hard surfaces, such as driveways, rainwater drainage systems, garage doors, etc. The risk of damaging these surfaces is minimal.


Gasoline washer or electric pressure washer?

When deciding whether to wholesale gasoline pressure washer or electric pressure washer, you should first ask yourself what its purpose is and how often you use it.

The main difference in buying a gasoline pressure washer is that it allows you to work more easily, saving time and energy for the most difficult dirt. Gasoline pressure washers are stronger because they are made of more durable materials, so they are very suitable for frequent use on large areas. Another main feature of this type of washing machine is that you can do outdoor work in places where it is difficult to obtain electricity. Its disadvantage is that they require more maintenance, which is offset by the huge advantage of being able to use them in a professional or industrial way for a few hours.

Today, electric pressure washers are more comfortable and easier to manage than gasoline pressure washers, but they have no autonomy. You will always need to connect the power cord so that you cannot exceed the length of the power cord. However, they are devices that require little maintenance and are ideal for household work, cleaning cars, furniture, and patios. In addition, its price is very cheap, it is hard not to choose an electric pressure washer as the first choice.

Pressure Washer Troubleshooting and Repair

Let's take a look at some of the problems caused by electric high-pressure cleaners and how to solve them.

The pressure washer cannot be started:

If your pressure washer can't start at all, there may be some simple and quick fixes.

  1. Power socket failure

    There may be a problem with your power outlet. Check the main fuse and check the plug. If there is a problem with this socket, call an electrician and use another socket at the same time.

  2. The pressure washer is not inserted

    We have all been there...Why don't our apppances work? Oh, we forgot to plug in the power! Double check that your pressure washer is plugged in. Your repair may be as simple as that.

  3. Check the reset switch

    Some electric high-pressure cleaners have a reset switch, which you need to press after plugging in the high-pressure cleaner. This is necessary to energize the high-pressure cleaner.

  4. Motor failure

    This may be a bigger problem, such as a motor failure. If you find that other methods are invapd, please contact your manufacturer, if you are still within the warranty period, please replace.

Low water pressure

If low pressure is a problem, it may be attributed to multiple factors.

  1. Insufficient water supply

    You may not have enough water supply. Check that your hose is not kinked. Then make sure that the water pressure from the faucet is maximized. Also, please check your manual to check if the diameter of the garden hose you are using is correct.

  2. Clogged water inlet filter

    Check if your garden hose connection is blocked. Remove all debris and enjoy better water pressure!

  3. You are using the wrong nozzle

    You may be using the wrong nozzle-or no nozzle at all. Check that you are using the correct nozzle.

The pressure washer runs but does not spray

What if your pressure washer is running but not spraying water? There are several reasons for this situation, and we have put forward repair suggestions.

  1. The trigger gun is released

    Pull the trigger on the spray gun to spray water. This may seem obvious, but sometimes you may forget!

  2. No water supply

    You may have turned off the water supply. Just open the water supply valve.

  3. The nozzle is clogged

    Clean the pressure nozzle to remove the blockage. If this is not possible, you may need to replace the nozzle.

  4. Dry pump

    If your pump is dry, it needs to be primed. Your user manual should provide you with instructions on how to do this correctly. Usually, it may be necessary to open the high-pressure outlet connector on the pump until the water flows out.

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