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Wholesale Guide - parts & accessories from China factory

BISON provides original, OEM and remanufactured generator parts for all types of engines, as well as various accessories for enhanced generator functions.
We always prepare gaskets, springs, filters, bearings, spark plug and carburetor, valves for all common engines, ready to be delivered at any time. Our range of generator spare parts includes: cylinder heads, crankshafts, pistons, exhaust valve, bearing , piston sets and muffler, fuel control valve,  and connecting rod, camshaft, crankshaft , gaskets And O-rings, etc.

In addition, BISON has a series of pressure washer parts and accessories, including hoses, nozzles, , gaskets and spray guns, which can keep your terraces, garden, decks and cars enviably clean throughout the year. We have long guns for cleaning houses, ā€œJā€ type ,ā€Uā€ type guns for cleaning cars and trucks, and floor scrubbers for road cleaning.
Whether you are upgrading or servicing a high pressure washer, you can buy parts here. Tell us what you want to clean or the power of the pressure washer, BISON will help you choose the right accessories.

Whether your pump fails to start, the pressure drops, or the flow rate is poor, a faulty pump will affect the performance of the entire pumping system. Whether you are looking for a replacement pump head, a separate lift check valve or a new junction box, we have a wide variety of pump spare parts to meet your purchasing needs.

We have demonstrated the highest quality and reliability in the sales of spare parts and the thoroughness of our services. BISON has a large inventory of spare parts, including generator parts, engine parts, water pump parts and pressure washer parts. BISON also has drawings and data of many original manufacturers. This allows us to quickly and accurately identify the specifications of the spare parts you need and deliver them on time.