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BISON has been engaged in small diesel engine business for many years. Today, we have manufactured air-cooled diesel engines ranging from 4HP to 15HP.

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BISON sells and customizes small gasoline engines for industrial applications. Including agriculture pumps, pressure washers, various small machinery, etc. Our customers include original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and professionals from different backgrounds.

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" I have purchased six or seven times form BISON. BISON engine work great! Awesome motor for the price, you just can't beat it.In addition to high-quality products, the long-term cooperation is because of 24-hour service.I am very satisfied with BISON as a partner. "

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" I seen the video in the YouTube that had this motor, wow, after negotiating needs and products I ordered this 9hp engine .BISON worked with me and was very patient and willing to allow me to make requests and provide 24-hour service. thank you do much. "

Larry Newman Stevens - C.E.O


" Love BISON engine good quality. Would recommend BISON. Initial production stage inform me and make the samples according to my request, sending photos or samples to get my approval. This reassures me. My customers are also very satisfied with this batch of products. look forward for next deal´╝îmaybe next month. "

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As our customers confirm, BISON engines are the most robust and durable in this market segment. It doesn't matter where they are used; whether at very low temperatures or in a tropical climate, it can carry out its job reliably. Small engine has compact size, simple structure and efficient performance. With regular maintenance, many thousands of hours are commonplace. Check out our wide range of industrial engines; electric start and recoil start, small gasoline and diesel engines wholesale.

BISON small engine types

There are two types of engines currently produced: spark-ignition gasoline engines and compression-ignition diesel engines. The difference between gasoline engines and diesel engines is the way they supply and ignite fuel. In a gasoline engine, fuel is mixed with air and then drawn into the cylinder during the intake process. After the piston compresses the fuel and air mixture, the spark ignites it, causing combustion. In a diesel engine, only air is drawn into the engine and then compressed. The diesel engine then injects fuel into the hot compressed air at a suitable and measurable rate, causing it to ignite. In addition to common gasoline engines or diesel engines, BISON also provides dual-fuel engines or multi-fuel engines

Small engines can be classified into two different types according to their engine technology: two-stroke and four-stroke. Most of them are four-stroke cycle engines, which means that four piston strokes are required to complete one cycle. The cycle includes four different processes: intake, compression, combustion, and exhaust. Four-stroke engines power most cars, light trucks, medium and large motorcycles, and lawnmowers. Two-stroke engines are less common, but they are used in small outboard marine engines and many handheld landscape tools such as chainsaws, hedge trimmers, and leaf blowers.

You can also wholesale horizontal engines or vertical engines at BISON. What is the difference between a vertical and horizontal shaft engine? In a horizontal engine, the piston moves vertically. If the engine is tilted or the horizontal shaft motor is not installed vertically, oil will flow from the crankcase into the piston chamber. These engines are mainly used for chain saws and leaf blowers. In a vertical engine, the piston moves horizontally. These engines are mainly used for lawn mowers, brush cutters and small tillers. In addition, there are many types of shafts such as tapered shafts, Keyway shafts and threaded shafts.

wholesale china high-performance engine from BISON

  • Horsepower

    As manufacturers continue to introduce new models, you may not find a replacement engine with exactly the same horsepower. In this case, you need to choose the most recent model with the same specifications and functions. BISON's engine series range from 2.6HP to 18HP and can be connected to any application you may need. If you replace the electric motor with a gasoline engine, please use the following formula: Gas engine HP = Electric motor HP x 1.3. This is because the efficiency of a gas engine may be 30% lower than that of an electric motor. If designing a new application, remember to choose an engine that uses up to 85% of its rated horsepower. You don't want the engine to run at 100% load for a long time, otherwise its life will be significantly shortened. Another factor to consider when sizing a gas engine is altitude. Due to the reduced oxygen content, small engines lose power at high altitudes. This means that a larger displacement engine is needed to offset the power loss.

  • Number of cylinders

    It is very important to wholesale engines with the same number of cylinders. Single-cylinder engine cannot produce the same power and torque as a V-type two-cylinder engine, and cannot give full play to the full capabilities of your machine.

  • Crankshaft

    For horizontal shaft engines, you should measure the length from the oil seal to the end of the crankshaft. For vertical shaft engines, you must measure from the mounting flange of the engine to the end of the crankshaft, and you also need to consider the type and number of keyways required for your application.

  • Start method

    The recoil start system is activated by a drawstring. The pull rope drives the flywheel to rotate to generate the voltage required for ignition. The electronic starting system relies on battery power and a starting motor to start the engine.

  • Features to consider

    • The gear ratio takes into account the application of the equipment and the speed of the engine. On most small engines, the speed of the crankshaft is 3,600 revolutions per minute (RPM). In some applications this speed will be too high. The engine with a gear ratio of 6:1 has a gearbox integrated with the engine crankshaft. Every 6 revolutions of the crankshaft, the gearbox and the shaft of the gearbox will rotate once, and the final output is 600 RPM. This allows the engine to run at the highest no-load speed while still using the full torque of the engine.

    • If there is insufficient oil in the crankcase, the low oil level system grounds the ignition device, thereby stopping the engine (or preventing it from starting).

    • The mechanical governor uses gears and flyweights in the crankcase to sense speed and detect changes in load, and adjust the throttle to compensate.

    • Cast iron cylinder liners, pistons and related components can withstand wear and tear, while improving fuel consumption to extend engine life.

Engine parts and maintenance

  • air filter

    The air filter prevents debris from entering the engine and clogging or damaging important components. There are several main types of air filters, including pleated paper, sponge, and dual filter elements. If the filter is clogged, the engine will not be able to breathe, resulting in loss of power. The filter should be checked and cleaned or replaced regularly.

  • Recoil start rope

    Sometimes, the recoil start nylon rope will break.

  • Fuel line

    Over time, the fuel line can rupture, split or block. If you find a leak or crack in the fuel line, please repair it immediately because it has a fire hazard.

  • Spark plug

    There are many different types of spark plugs. Make sure to equip the gasoline engine with the correct spark plug.

  • Carburetor

    The carburetor is like the heart of the engine. Good cleaning or maintenance will avoid engine failure due to carburetor problems. If you encounter more serious problems, please replace the carburetor.

Relying on BISON versatile and durable engine, no matter how difficult the work is, it can run consistently and start easily. With OHV technology, our engines can maximize power without sacrificing fuel economy.

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