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diesel pressure washer

Whether you are looking for commercial or residential use, we have a choice for you! BISON have a range of psi and engine sizes. In addition, we also provide models with wheels.

electric pressure washer

China BISON is a professional electric pressure washer factory and supplier. Wall-mounted electric cold water high-pressure washer is ideal for indoor store applications. Heavy-duty commercial pressure cleaners can meet the requirements of high PSI applications in your mind. In addition, there are other customization options such as hot water, belt drive, single or three phase.

gasoline pressure washer

BISON diesel high-pressure washers are specifically designed to remove grease, dirt, paint stripping and other harsh outdoor cleaning applications. All models are certified to safety standards.

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" BISON cleaning machine is strong and durable, the material and workmanship can see that the factory is very careful, the motor weight is very sufficient, the nozzle of the water gun can be adjusted from multiple angles, the power is strong, the water pressure is very high, the foam pot is very easy to use, our customer feedback car washing effect is very good, has been communicating with the salesman of this year's purchase plan. "

Debbie - Purchase


" This pressure washer works great. Our customer had it over a month and our customer had used it for multiple things. It’s easy to move and store. Light weight and easy to carry. The cord and hose are long enough for them to reach high areas. Multiple attachments to get the pressure they need to clean effectively. Our customer haven’t used the bottle attachment because the pressure alone has cleaned everything they needed. "

Scott Ryals - C.E.O


" First off this thing is tiny which isn’t bad especially since it takes up little space. It’s pretty powerful for the size of it as well. For it to push 3300PSI. I don’t really think so, but it does do a good job for what my customer needed it for. It does roll smoothly and doesn’t tip over which is nice as well. "

john anderson - C.E.O


" This BISON pressure washer has to be The Best! I've imported for ten years and this is the third time BISON power washer I've purchased. This pressure washer is so sturdy and functional and the power behind the spray is incredible. "

W. K. Holton - C.E.O

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A holistic solution to your most common questions about BISON's products, services and brands.

pressure washer Wholesale Guide

If you want to remove dirt and debris from hard surfaces such as cars, you should consider buying a pressure washer. They can also be used for various types of cleaning, whether it is to remove grease accumulated on outdoor grills, clean dirt on car wheel covers, or clean lawn furniture. If you think it's time to refresh some of your items through deep cleaning, then a high pressure washer is for you. This guide will give you an overview of the pressure washer.

car pressure washer

Special design of BISON high pressure washer:

  • Pump head: The pump head is made of special forged brass by BISON in its Chinese factory to ensure extremely long service life.

  • Stainless-steel plunger with ceramic coating: All high pressure washer are equipped with ceramic-coated stainless steel plungers. The combination of the good thermal conductivity of stainless steel and the high wear resistance of the ceramic coating can significantly extend the service life.

  • Bypass operation: All high pressure washers are designed to switch to decompress bypass operation when the trigger gun with safety lock is closed. The water circulates at a residual pressure of approximately is 10 bar.

  • Adjustable pressure and water volume control: For all machines, the pressure and spray volume can be precisely adjusted to suit the cleaning task.

  • Stainless steel pressure gauge: All high pressure washer are equipped with large, clearly visible stainless steel gauges.

  • Anti-corrosion protection: Pumps, safety devices and various parts in contact with water are made of stainless steel or special brass.

BISON cold water high pressure washer are ideal for cleaning dirt and debris. BISON high pressure washer can provide gasoline or electric, stationary and portable, each of which is designed with the end user as the concept.

High-pressure washers use different energy sources. They include the following:

  • Electric pressure washer: The high-pressure washing machine that runs on electricity is light equipment. They are also easy to operate. They are suitable for light work.

  • Gasoline/diesel high-pressure washer: These are ideal for cleaning large jobs such as decks and sidewalks. They are started manually, and some have automatic buttons to turn them on.

  • Hot water pressure water: BISON hot water high-pressure washers are designed to remove the most stubborn grease and stains on all types of surfaces.

  • Cold water high-pressure washer: BISON cold water high-pressure washers are ideal for cleaning dirt and debris. BISON high-pressure washer can provide gasoline or electric, stationary and portable, each of which is designed with the end user as the concept

  • Battery pressure washer: It is suitable for small cleaning tasks in any place where there is no power supply nearby. Cordless, convenient, mobile and flexible.

  • Wall mount pressure washer: The wall-mounted model provides on-site cleaning capabilities, keeping the machine away from the floor and permanently installed on the wall.

What tools do I need to use a high-pressure washer?

With matching special accessories, the device can be transformed into a true all-rounder: whether it is wet spray, pipe cleaning, terrace cleaning or gutter cleaning, the application possibilities are almost limitless. Most importantly, the water pressure near the nozzle is always the highest. This means that stubborn dirt can be removed more easily with a lower nozzle gap. So, for light dirt and sensitive surfaces, the gap will increase accordingly.

  • Extension rods and nozzles: These nozzles and nozzles help clean multi-storey buildings and hard-to-reach areas.

  • Angled wands: These wands are used to clean drains.

  • Surface washers: These accessories have rotating nozzles to help clean driveways and sidewalks.

  • Brushes: These brushes can help you apply scrubbing power to hard areas.

  • Hose reel: The hose reel makes it easier to store the hose, so it is always protected during storage and transportation.

  • Pressure cleaning chemicals: These chemicals are often used to clean small areas and surfaces made of specific materials. Make sure that the chemicals you decide to use are authorized.

pressure wash

Experience has shown that common application areas for homes and gardens are:

  • Bike

  • Gardening machines and tools

  • Garden/terrace/balcony furniture

  • Motorcycles and scooters

  • Small car

  • Outdoor stairs and larger garden paths

  • Mid-sized and medium-sized cars

  • Garden wall and stone wall

  • Camper and SUV

  • Swimming pool and large terrace

  • All cleaning of houses and exterior walls

Say goodbye to scrub! Using the BISON high-pressure cleaner, the dirt and soil on plants and flowerpots, shovels, shovels, rakes, trolleys, etc. can be effectively removed almost immediately.

Safety first when high-pressure cleaning. Excessive pressure applied by an electric washing machine may create unnecessary holes in vinyl siding, marked concrete, or shredded wood. Unless you want to strip the paint, avoid using a high-pressure washer on any paint. Be careful when using more powerful high-pressure washers, they will spray water thick enough to cause injury.

How do you choose a pressure washer?

The BISON pressure washer will be powered in one of two ways - a gasoline engine or an electric motor-driven pump, thereby increasing the water pressure in the hose to which it is connected. We found that if your cleaning work is relatively light, it often takes 15 to 30 minutes to clean. This kind of work is great for small jobs like cleaning cars, but pumps and GFCI lines get hot, especially in midsummer. In addition, an electric pressure washer configuration such as wheeled carry-on luggage tends to tip over when you drag on its hose.

The power of the high-pressure washerwill determine the size of the work it can handle. You need to consider certain features to ensure that you choose a product that suits your needs:

  • Lightweight: For household use, car cleaning and other light tasks, you can use a light pressure washer. They are small, portable, and can generate pressures of 1300-2000 psi. This psi range is about the low-end models of gasoline or electric pressure washers.

  • Medium-sized: These electric washing machines are gasoline driven and can generate pressures of approximately 2000-2800 psi. They are best used in homes and small shops. They are sturdy and durable, suitable for cleaning home exterior walls and fences.

  • Heavy: These are usually used in business. The pressure generated by these gas-powered products is approximately 2900-3000 psi. They are very durable and easy to use. These high-pressure washers are used for large-scale cleaning tasks such as removing graffiti and removing paint from multi-story buildings.

  • Super heavy duty: These commercial pressure washers have a pressure of 3300 psi or higher. They are mainly used to clean other machines.


  • Electric Pressure Cleaner: For more than an hour of cleaning work, such as cleaning a tall building or a barn, you can use a gasoline engine pressure washer. When you need to get rid of hard soil, thick moss, or greasy agricultural machinery and heavy equipment, the power of a gasoline engine is more useful. But, the washer of the gasoline engine is very loud; They have a muffler and they need more maintenance than electric pressure washers.

  • petrol power washer: We hang them on the garden hose; We put them on the top and bottom of the pickup. Most importantly, we clean the surfaces you want to clean. With BISON pressure, we cleaned concrete and brick pavements, vinyl and cement panel siding, aluminium finishes and drains, artificial stones, vertical bricks, and wood finishes. We cleaned fences, cars, even three commercial trash cans, the bottom of which was soaked in disgusting summer stink soup. When we run out of them, they look and smell like new one.

  • Car pressure washer: is classified as a residential pressure washing machine, but it is a different category of machine, closer to the commercial end of the spectrum. Pick up the spray stick on this thing, it will soon become clear. The big engine and the same size horizontal shaft pump have enough charm to cope with the difficult cleaning work. We also like thermal relief valves, which drain water from the pump three to five minutes after the boom is out of service. The service life of the pump can be extended by helping the pump to cool down.

Belt vs Direct Drive Pressure Washers

Belt-driven high-pressure washers are most commonly found in commercial/industrial high-pressure washers. Belt driven pumps are ideal for cleaning applications that require more than 20 hours per week. On the belt drive unit, the high-pressure pump rotates at a low RPM, thereby minimizing the wear of the internal components of the pump and extending the service life.

Direct drive high-pressure washers are generally more compact and easier to transport, and also more cost-effective. 

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What accessories are available for my BISON pressure washer?

The high-pressure cleaner is equipped with various tools and accessories designed to make your cleaning faster, more efficient, and most importantly, easier.

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