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BISON Service

innovative company manufactures and sells generators, pressure washers...

According to "challenge the traditional, adapt to the market, integration services, improve the quality" of ideas, BISON will always create customer value, improve service quality as a goal, the full implementation of the pre-sale, sale and service and reflect on the whole process of upgrading services. Taizhou BISON Machinery to customer-centric, dedicated to all aspects to meet customer needs.

Pre-sale services

  • Introduce the company and products;
  • According to demand, help customers to choose the products;
  • Provide technical advice, deepen customers' understanding of BISON products.

After-sales Service

User service hotline:
+86 15967890123.

  • Instruct customers to install and debug equipment;
  • Guide customers to regulate operation and use online;
  • Responsible for receiving and handling customer complaints about product quality and service quality;
  • During the warranty period, if there is a quality problem of our products, we responsible for the warranty replacement.
BISON service

manufacturing and testing

Shipping Process

Although the COVID-19 pandemic took place, we were able to adjust our delivery process, ensuring that you got your order quickly and efficiently. Take a look at how we send your order to you step by step.


Design and manufacture

Depending on your needs, we customize the product design. And monitor every step of the process, from the supply of raw materials to the manufacture of services.


Pack and ship

After production, our team will pack your order into a carton. And after packaging, it will go through a box drop test.



Once your order is packed, we will load them into containers or trucks and transport them to the port or destination.



We have established strategic cooperation with many logistics companies to deliver goods safely and quickly.

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