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BISON offers a series of generators to suit all applications. From pure sine wave inverter generators, gasoline and diesel generators, etc., to portable generators or silent generators with recoil or electric start.

pressure washer

Find a best pressure washer manufacturer to help you occupy the pressure washer market. The water pressure of pressure washer is 75 times that of an ordinary garden hose..

water pump

China BISON provides pumps suitable for all occasions and specifications. Whether you are investing in a small residential enterprise or a large-scale work-related construction task, you can immediately find a pump that suits your needs on our website!

small engine

As our customers confirm, BISON engines are the most robust and durable in this market segment.

garden power tool

Welcome to BISON, China's trusted maker of garden power tools. Our products are known for their high performance, long-lasting durability, and user-friendly design..

power tool

BISON provides a variety of power tools and customized solutions for you to choose from to help you complete drilling, grinding, polishing, sawing and other tasks.

parts & accessories

BISON has a large inventory of spare parts, including generator parts, engine parts, water pump parts and pressure washer parts. BISON also has drawings and data of many original manufacturers. This allows us to quickly and accurately identify the specifications of the spare parts you need and deliver them on time.

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Start working with BISON, it can provide everything you need for production, wholesale.


" I took a prototype, it is really good, the materials used for workmanship can be said to be very conscientious, the price is very high, the power is quite high, there is almost no noise, the weight is very light, and it is fuel-efficient, the company is going to buy it here. "

- Novielli Purchase


" Most of the customers report that it started successfully in one go, sounds and looks better than expected, small generator, just as described. BISON also gave freebies like engine oil and spark plugs, and the machine is super awesome. "

- Roger De La Cruz C.E.O


" There is no false mark phenomenon, the generator is easy to use and easy to operate, and the quietness is OK. The fuel consumption is consistent with the description. Since the cooperation for a year, the most satisfying thing is the after-sales service of BISON. "

- Bradly Roberts C.E.O


" This machine is good and inexpensive. I bought it for a local contractor as a backup power supply, it's totally up to the task, and will repurchase.. "

- Robby Nixon C.E.O

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What accessories are available for my BISON pressure washer?

The high-pressure cleaner is equipped with various tools and accessories designed to make your cleaning faster, more efficient, and most importantly, easier.