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" I like it all. Fast delivery, sturdy metal built power tool machine,easy start,timely service.We've cooperated many years about generator . And now I've landed on my new go to.Confidence in bison power tool. The easy start of power tool valve release is wonderful. Makes pulling the rope so much simpler. I highly recommend BISON power tool and generator, and I've sold many. "

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Welcome to BISON. The power tools division of BISON is the global market leader for power tools and power tool accessories. Professional power tools from BISON are built for performance excellence – meeting the highest speed, accuracy, and robustness standards for excellent, professional work.

BISON provides a variety of power tools and customized solutions for you to choose from to help everyone complete drilling, grinding, polishing, sawing and other tasks. To help you customer move flexibly from room to room or even when working outdoors, we provide cordless power tools and tool kits. When there is no power outlet near you, the wireless tool allows you to use it freely.

BISON power tool

Power tools types

Power tools usually run on one of the following three types of power: compressed air, electricity, or chemical fuels. When using air powered tools, compressed air drives the tool to move, usually compressed air is provided by an air compressor. Tools driven by electricity most often use some form of electric motor. This type of power tool needs to be plugged into a power outlet or powered by a battery. Finally, some tools are powered by fuel.

Power tools can also be divided into two types: fixed or portable. Stationary power tools are either large machines that are not easy to move, or machines that must be tightly fixed to an object to work properly. Portable power tools can be easily carried from one place to another, and are usually light enough to be used in the hand.

Power tools can also be classified by purpose. Different types of power tools include:


  • Drills: Power drill is one of the most common power tools. A power drill's chuck, connected to the motor, must be fitted with a driving or cutting tool to spin the drill at a high speed. The fast rotary motion of the tool pressed against your target will allow you to perform drills and drives quickly and efficiently. BISON have a series to choose from, each with different power and weight. With suitable accessories, it can also be used as a screwdriver, circular saw, socket wrench, hole opener and many other tools. Electric drills are available in wired or wireless models with batteries.

  • Impact driver: First, it can be challenging to distinguish an impact driver from a traditional drill because they look almost identical. The difference lies in the internal mechanism of impact drivers, which causes a quick burst of high torque. These bursts or impacts are what makes them more effective. On top of that, the movement of the mechanism keeps the driver engaged with the screw head a bit more thoroughly. As a result, you will hardly ever see a impact driver kidding or spinning.

Power Saws

  • Circular saw: This power tool cuts through various materials, including metal, masonry, and wood, with the rotational motion of a serrated or scraping blade. Although they've been excellent for straight cuts for a while, they're so much more. These days, some models allow you to change the bevel angle and depth of the cut. It offers a multitude of cutting options to the user.

  • Jigsaw: Because a jigsaw uses the same push and pull motion as a reciprocating saw, it can be considered a smaller version of the latter tool. Jigsaws are perfect for cutting curves and irregular shapes in wood, metal, or other materials.  In addition, some even come with single plates with a beveling function, allowing you to cut angles up to 45 degrees.

Angle grinder

A motor powers a geared head at the angle at which the disc is mounted, forming an angle grinder or side/disc grinder. The next task will vary depending on the kind of disc you attach to the angle grinder—from polishing pads to diamond cut-off discs.

As a result, an angle grinder can be used to cut, polish, and grind various materials. Use a similar tool to smooth the edge of the missing metal piece.

Belt sander

A belt sander consists of a motor that turns a pair of cylinders onto which a continuous loop of sandpaper is applied. Many sanding tasks can be completed thanks to the sandpaper "belt's constant linear motion that is thus produced.

Because belt sanders are large and powerful, they specialize in removing wood quickly. They are also great for smoothing, leveling, rounding, and shaping rough surfaces.

Welding machine

Welding machine is one of the most important tools for welding professionals. The heat generated by the welding machine melts the metal parts so that they can be connected.

Power tool kit

You can also wholesale power tools from BISON. This can be very convenient for homeowners who are just starting to do automatic repairs or maintenance of their own homes, because most of the work can be done with only one purchase. If you buy the wireless version of these items, the electric set includes a battery pack that can be interchanged in each tool, which greatly saves your purchase cost and extends your working time.

Safety tips for using power tools:

Some tools have built-in security features, but there's more you can do to make sure you're running the equipment safely. Here are some things you should always do when running a power tool.

  • Always wear protective gear, including safety glasses, work shoes, and gloves. Along with avoiding loose apparel and open-toed shoes, you should wear long sleeves and pants.

  • Pay attention to the people around you and make sure they stay away from the power tools you are using, which avoid any possible accidents.

  • Use a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) or a reliable grounding procedure.

  • Keep your work area safe. It would help to have a dedicated workspace with a sturdy base like a workbench and disconnect power sources when changing accessories.

  • Clear the area of potential hazards, and make sure you stand on a stable surface. Clean the floor and workstation before you start work so you don't accidentally bump into something or step on something loose. For wired power tools, avoid tripping over the wires.

  • Do not operate machinery if you are intoxicated or impaired in any way. You should also refrain from using power tools if you are tired or distracted. Ensure all tools are unplugged and put away safely after you're done.

  • Clean tools regularly to remove dust and debris, lubricate moving parts, check for loose components, and store them in a dry place.

  • Using power tools in wet conditions is not recommended to avoid electrical hazards. Use tools specifically designed for wet environments if necessary, and always prefer safety.

  • When working at high places, do not place power tools in areas that may pose a danger to workers below.

Tips for buying power tools

While each power tool will have unique features, there are some standard components you should look for in any tool you purchase. These are a few of the most crucial things to consider when purchasing new tools.


If you plan to make a living with power tools, then it makes sense to buy a professional model. Because they are usually stronger, the internal components will be more durable, and some special designs can reduce your fatigue at work. If power tools are only used occasionally, then cheap DIY models are fine.


Lightweight and cordless tools are easily moved from one place to another and can be adjusted faster than heavy tools. Furthermore, many tools have convenient carrying cases, handles, or hooks that enable portability.

Level of power and speed

While lightweight instruments are convenient to carry, they require greater total strength, which is crucial when choosing power tools. Your project will be completed more quickly using tools with higher torque levels, RPM, or other heavy-duty power indicators.

Safety features

Power tools need to have integrated safety features to guard against misuse and help prevent accidents. For instance, molded grips on many tools help shield hands while use them. Others have an automatic shut-off that ensures they stop when they overheat or tip over. Others have a safety switch that can shut down the tool in an emergency. The tools should also come with specific instructions to help ensure that you are using them correctly and not damaging the device.

No matter what the job is, when you need high-quality, high-performance power tools, BISON can meet your needs. From basic drill and saw to impact wrench and even welding machine, we provide a complete selection of tools to power your projects. We also produce power tools that use the latest lithium-ion batteries and brushless motor technology, which can provide greater power and longer running time.


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