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Since its establishment, BISON has been focusing on diesel pumps. We manufacture single-cylinder and double-cylinder air-cooled diesel water pumps from 1.5 inch to 6 inch. BISON diesel pumps include clean water pumps, high-pressure pumps, heavy-duty sewage pumps, semi-waste pumps, chemical pumps, and so on.

BISON Diesel water Pump

diesel irrigation water pump BSD20 BSD30 BSD40 BSD40(E)
in/outlet size (mm) 50(2.0") 80(3.0") 100(4.0") 100(4.0")
pump lift (m) 26 25 31 31
suction height (m) 8 8 8 8
flux (m³/h) 36 50 96 96
model BS170F(E)  BS178F(E) BS186F(E)  BS186F(E)
output (kw) 2.5 4 6.3 6.3
bore*stroke (mm)  70*55  78*62 86*70  86*70
displacement (cc) 211 296 406 406
type single cylinder, air cooled, 4 stroke
compression ratio  20:1  20:1  19:1  19:1
rated speed (rpm) 3000/3600 3000/3600 3000/3600 3000/3600
starting system Recoil start / Key start
fuel tank capacity (l) 2.5 3.5 5.5 5.5
n.w./g.w. (kg) 35 / 37 52 / 54  64 / 67  69 / 72
dimension (m³/h) 500*420*500 560*440*550 650*480*600 650*500*740

high pressure diesel water pump

high pressure diesel water pump BS20H BS30H
in/outlet size (mm) 50(2.0") 80(3.0")
pump lift (m) 55 36
suction height (m) 8 8
flux (m³/h) 26 38
model BS186F(E) BS186F(E)
output (kw) 6.3 6.3
bore*stroke (mm) 86*70 86*70
displacement (cc) 406 406
type single cylinder, air cooled, 4 stroke
compression ratio  19:1  19:1
rated speed (rpm) 3000/3600 3000/3600
starting system Recoil start / Key start
fuel tank capacity (l) 5.5 5.5
n.w./g.w. (kg)  64 / 67  69 / 72
dimension (m³/h) 500*420*520 560*440*550

high pressure cast iron diesel water pump

high pressure cast iron diesel water pump BS201 BS301
in/outlet size (mm) 50(2.0") 80(3.0")
pump lift (m) 75 80
suction height (m) 7 7
flux (m³/h) 30 41
model BS186F (E) BS186FA (E)
output (kw) 6.3 8.2
bore*stroke (mm) 86*70 86*72
displacement (cc) 406 499
type single cylinder, air cooled, 4 stroke
starting system Recoil start / Key start
fuel tank capacity (l) 5.5 5.5
n.w./g.w. (kg)  64 / 67  69 / 72
dimension (m³/h) 500*420*520 560*440*550

* The above diesel water pump series is only a small part of BISON's production. For more customization options, please contact us directly.

Our Clients Said

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" Got BISON diesel water pump to meet customers' demand in my shop. I also purchased the BS186F(E) engine, which is powerful if you're going to assemble and install. My experience is that the pump has worked flawlessly. It moves large quantities of fluid effortlessly and starts up on the first pull. I think it has been a very good business and would wholeheartedly recommend this product. "

- Diane Purchase


" The diesel water pump works great and reasonably priced,packaged very well. I imported 200,looks just like in the pictures. This diesel water pump is a champ , I’ll never buy the Honda again,would buy other models from BISON again. "

- Triceei C.E.O


" My impression is that BISON diesel high pressure water pump is of good build quality,So far so good, exactly as advertised.Thanks again y'all for my successful bidding project. I'll cooperate with BISON for a long time and purchase other products."

- Becky C.E.O

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diesel water pump wholesale guide

When it comes to pumping water efficiently and reliably, one tool stands out: the diesel water pump. This sturdy equipment has become a necessary component of many applications, from building sites to agricultural irrigation. You've come to the perfect location if you're a dearlers, a contractor, or just someone who wants to learn more about these potent tools!

Diesel water pump generally refers to a water pump powered by a diesel engine. All diesel water pumps are ideal for your industrial or agricultural applications. Whether it is fresh water for gardening or agricultural irrigation, wastewater from construction sites or chemicals and detergents in industry, BISON can provide you with the best diesel water pumps.

How to Choose a Diesel Water Pump?

When choosing a diesel water pump, you can select products based on several aspects such as flow rate, pressure and head, so that the work of the diesel water pump is effective and efficient. The following points should be considered when choosing a diesel water pump:

  • Flow rate is measured in units of the volume (in gallons per minute or gpm) of liquid flowing through the pump in a given period of time. The higher the flow rate, the more water can move in the same time.

  • Total head lift: Determine the total head lift required for your application, usually measured in feet. This is the vertical distance the water has to lift, plus any additional resistance from friction, bending, or other factors.

  • Pressure. Usually in bar or psi (pounds per square inch) as the unit. You need to consider how much pressure you need, which mainly depends on your usage scenario.

  • Pump size: Select the water pump size that meets your specific flow and overall head requirements. Make sure the pump is the right size for the job, as an oversized pump may waste energy, while an undersized pump may not be able to handle the required flow or head.

  • Fuel efficiency: Consider the fuel efficiency of diesel water pumps, as this affects operating costs and overall performance.

  • Durability and build quality: Choose a diesel water pump that can withstand the rigors of a specific application, such as farming, mining, construction, or other uses.

  • Manufacturer support: Choose a pump from a reputable manufacturer like BISON that offers excellent customer service and warranty coverage. Ensures easy replacement of parts and repairs.

  • Essential features: BISON diesel pumps have many options and features to choose from, from larger inlet/outlet sizes to roll cages, tank sizes, and even features like low oil safety shut-off or self-priming pump designs that are designed to save you time on the job site.

diesel water pump

Advantages of diesel water pumps compared with other types of water pumps

  • High power output: Diesel engines are known for their high power output, making diesel water pumps ideal for quickly and efficiently transferring large volumes of water quickly and efficiently.

  • Fuel efficiency: Since diesel engines use less fuel than gasoline engines, diesel water pumps can run longer before refueling is required.

  • Durability: Diesel water pumps are durable and reliable, making them ideal for use in harsh environments and remote locations where maintenance and repairs are complex.

  • Versatility: Diesel water pumps are used in various applications, from agriculture and irrigation to mining and construction. They are suitable for both small and large-scale operations.

  • Self-priming: Many diesel water pumps are self-priming, which means they can be primed without manual priming. This makes them easier to use and reduces the risk of pump damage.

  • Longer service life: Diesel engines last longer than gasoline engines, so with proper maintenance and care, diesel water pumps can last longer.

  • Greater portability: Diesel water pumps can be trailer or skid mounted, making them more portable and transportable to various locations.

Common Applications of Diesel Water Pumps

Diesel water pumps find their usefulness across a wide range of applications. Here are some common areas where these pumps play a crucial role:

  • Agricultural Irrigation: In the agricultural sector, diesel water pumps are employed to provide water for irrigation purposes. They help ensure crops receive adequate hydration, improving their growth and yield.

  • Construction Sites: Construction sites often require water management, such as removing excess water or providing water supply for concrete mixing. Diesel water pumps efficiently handle these tasks, enabling smooth operations.

  • Emergency Dewatering: During flood situations or water emergencies, diesel water pumps swiftly remove excess water, preventing property damage and aiding in disaster recovery efforts.

  • Mining Operations: In mining operations, water pumps are vital for dewatering mineshafts and controlling water levels. Diesel water pumps prove to be reliable assets in such demanding environments.

  • Firefighting: Diesel water pumps are commonly used in firefighting operations, as they can quickly draw water from nearby sources and supply it to firefighting equipment, ensuring an effective response to fires.

  • Municipal Water Supply: In some areas where the municipal water supply is limited or unreliable, diesel water pumps can serve as an alternative, providing access to clean water for communities.

  • Oil and Gas Industry: The oil and gas industry extensively utilizes diesel water pumps for various tasks, including well dewatering, pipeline maintenance, and rig operations.

Diesel engine-driven water pumps must maintenance to keep them in optimal operating condition. Important components of diesel water pump include crankshaft, cylinder liner, cylinder head, piston, fuel injection pump, governor, fuel injector, exhaust gas turbocharger, gas valve and so on. If they are damaged, it will affect the reliable operation and service life of the diesel water pump.

China diesel water pump manufacturer

BISON provides water pumps with advanced structural design, high efficiency, good cavitation performance, low vibration, low noise and smooth operation. All pumps use silicon carbide mechanical seals, which have better corrosion resistance, wear resistance and heat resistance than standard seals. Durable high-end silicon carbide seals are suitable for heavy-duty applications, such as pumping contaminated and abrasive fluids. The cast iron impeller and volute will reduce the vibration and wear of the mechanical seal and the engine, and make it have a longer service life. If you need replacement parts for diesel water pumps, you can also contact us.

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