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BISON's long experience as a professional multi-head power tool manufacturer in China is a testament to our expertise. Our wide range of interchangeable heads accommodates a variety of tasks, allowing a seamless transition between drilling, cutting, sanding and more with just one tool.

multi-head power tool attachments

6 chain saw attachment

chain saw attachment

  • No-load speed: 2800 min-1
  • Bar Length: 4 inches cutting depth: 102 mm
  • Chain speed: 4.8 m / s
  • Oiling: Manual
125mm circular saw attachment

125mm circular saw attachment

  • No load speed: 3500 min-1
  • Blade Dia.:125mm (4-1/4")
  • Arbor size: 10mm
  • Max.90ocutting depth:
  • Wood: 40mm (1-9/16") 45o : 28mm(1-1/8")
  • Alum.: 5mm (3/16")
  • Tile: 8mm (1/3")
  • 1pcs 125mmx10mmx24T blade
drill attachment

drill attachment

0-400/0-1600rpm 19+1 settings,50N.m torque, 13mm plastic keyless chuck

accessories included: 6 drill bits (2/2.5/3/4/5/6mm), 1 bit extension (60mm)

hammer attachment

hammer attachment

  • No Laod Speed: 0-1300rpm
  • Impact Rate:0-5000Bpm with 1.5Joules
impact wrench

impact wrench

  • impact rate:0-3000BPM,320N.m
  • chuck size:1/2" square head, aluminum housing
jig saw attachment

jig saw attachment

0-2700,stroke 12.7mm, quick-release chuck

accessories included: 1pcs 10mm wood blade

oscillating tool attachment

oscillating tool attachment

  • Oscillation rate 0-20000 opm (no-load)
  • Quick-release chuck - no tools required
  • Versatile - attach tool to suit direction of work
  • Oscillation angle 3°
  • Accessories included: 1 HSS plunge saw blade, 1 scraper knife, 1 delta sanding plate, 2 sanding sheets (1x P 60, 1x P 80)
pressure washer with 6 in 1-nozzle

pressure washer with 6 in 1-nozzle

  • No Load Speed: 3000rpm
  • Pressure: 0-28Bar
  • Water flow: 210L/H
reciprocating saw attachment

reciprocating saw attachment

sander attachment

sander attachment

  • Oscillation rate 0-9000 opm (no-load)
  • Quick and easy to change sanding sheet with hook & loop fastener
  • Facility for external dust extraction - includes adaptor
  • accessories included: 2 sanding sheets (1x P 60, 1x P 120)

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Why choose BISON?

multi-head power tool guide

Imagine a power tool that can handle multiple tasks. Multi-head power tools represent a breakthrough in versatility and efficiency for DIYers and professional craftsmen alike.

This innovative concept revolves around a single motor unit that accepts a range of interchangeable attachments, effectively transforming the base into a number of different power tools. Your multi-head power tool can be transformed into a drill, polisher, chainsaw, and more simply by changing attachments without having to purchase a separate, specialized unit.

The concept of multi-head power tools is not entirely new, this emerging technology is similar to popular systems from well-known brands such as Milwaukee’s M12 System, RIDGID’s JobMax and Bosch’s FlexiClick. But at BISON, we're proud to offer our own top-of-the-line multi-head power tool system.

In this article, you’ll learn about every aspect of multi-head power tools, including the undeniable benefits of a multi-function system, key factors to consider before buying, and more. Read on to learn how BISON multi-head power tools stand out from the competition.

Advantages of multi-head power tools

Multi-head power tools have revolutionized the way professionals and DIYers approach projects. Here’s a closer look at these key benefits:

  • Versatility: The most significant advantage of using a multi-head power tool is its amazing versatility. A multi-head system allows you to drill, saw, sand and more!

  • Convenience: Another major benefit is the ease of switching between different functions. Simply remove the used attachments, select the one you need, and snap it into place.

  • Space efficiency: Traditional workshops are often filled with a variety of single-function power tools. Every power drill, power saw, sander, and impact driver takes up valuable space. Now all you need is a power tool head and a few compact accessories.

  • Cost-effectiveness: Purchasing a multi-head power tool system is also more cost-effective than purchasing multiple specialized tools. Investing in a high-quality power head with multiple attachments can save money in the long run, not only on the initial purchase cost but also on maintenance and storage costs.

These are just a few of the things you need to consider when incorporating a multi-head power tool system into your power tool repertoire. Read on to learn the key factors to consider when choosing a specific tool for you, and find out why our multi-head power tool systems stand out from the competition!

How to choose the right multi-head power tool system

With so many multi-head power tool systems on the market, choosing the one that suits your needs can feel overwhelming. Here are the key factors to consider to ensure you choose one that meets your business needs:

1. Project requirements

Before investing in a multi-head power tool system, evaluate your customer's specific requirements, is it for woodworking, metalworking or general home repairs? Need a system for drilling, sawing, sanding or combining? BISON's multi-head power tool systems offer a variety of compatible accessories to tackle virtually any DIY or professional task.

2. Frequency of use

Consider the frequency of the tool when choosing a specific model. Frequent use requires more durable, sturdier tools that can withstand regular wear and tear. BISON's multi-head power tools are designed with durability in mind and are constructed from premium materials to ensure long-term reliability.

3. Power supply

Power output is critical. Our systems are available in a variety of options, some of which are corded multi-head power tools for consistent power, others cordless for ultimate portability. In addition, BISON also provides accurate power output specifications to help you choose.

4. Check out bundles and kits

Research bundle options versus the price of purchasing individual tool heads. Bundles often offer significant savings. Our bundles usually come with a range of commonly used accessories to provide everything you need to get started.

5. Ergonomics

Ergonomic factors, including tool weight, handle design and effective vibration control, significantly impact the user experience. Our tools are ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue and increase productivity during extended use.

6. Quick replacement mechanism

Look for a system that makes changing accessories quick and easy. Especially when switching tasks frequently, a user-friendly experience is crucial. BISON's multi-head tool features a quick-change mechanism that allows fast and safe accessory switching in just 3 seconds.

7. Security features

Safety should always come first. Look for safety features such as safety locks and soft-start capabilities to enhance user safety during operation. BISON always prioritizes user safety.

8. Batteries (if cordless)

If you choose a cordless model, consider battery life and charging time, as they can affect how efficiently the tool operates. It’s also important to check that batteries are compatible with the rest of your supply chain, as batteries often come with expensive shipping costs. BISON's batteries are often interchangeable with other tools in our product line, minimizing your investment cost.


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