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Looking for leaf blowers for your business? There are several models of leaf blowers from BISON, including gasoline, cordless and electric. There are also a variety of styles to choose from, such as hand-held machines, backpacks, and wheeled leaf blowers-some may even have a vacuum function to help you better clean and maintain your lawn.

gasoline leaf blower

gasoline leaf blower BSV260A BS260A BS430 BS650 BSEB750 BS9000
engine 1E34F 1E34F 1E40FG 1E48FP 1E48FP 1E49FP
engine type 2-stroke,air cooled
displacement(cc) 25.4 25.4 42.7 63.3 63.3 79.3
power(kw/rpm) 0.75/7500 0.75/7500 1.25/6500 2.7/6800 2.7/6800 2.7/7000
idle speed(rpm±200) 2800 2800 2800 2800 2800 2800
noise(dba) ≤108 ≤108 ≤105 ≤108 ≤108 ≤108
spark plug L6 L6 L7T(torch) L7T(torch) L8RTC(torch) L9RTC(torch)
fuel mix ratio 25:1~40:1 25:1~40:1 25:1~40:1 25:1~40:1 25:1~40:1 40:1~50:1
fuel tank capacity(l) 0.45 0.45 1.3 1.5 1.5 2.1
air velocity(m/s) ≥70 ≥70 ≥47 ≥47 ≥47 ≥47
air volume(m3/s) ≥0.2 ≥0.2 ≥0.4 ≥0.4 ≥0.4 ≥0.4
net weight(kg) 5.8 4.5 10.5 10.5 10.5 10.9
gross weight(kg) 7.1 5.3 11 11 11 12
dimension(mm) 580x290x390 460*290*390 420X335X450 520X390X560 520X390X570 375x510x560
certificate CE

electric leaf blower

electric leaf blower BSLB5300 BSLB5301 BSLB5302 BSLB5800 BSLB5802 BSLB6000 BSLB6002 BSLB6500 BSLB6502
battery size (ah) 2.5 5 7.5 5 7.5 5 7.5 5 7.5
low speed runtime (mins) 75 150 225 200 300 120 180 200 300
high speed runtime(mins) 22 44 66 30 45 22 33 30 45
constant speed Yes
air volume (cfm) 530 580 600 650 650 650
air speed (mph) 110 168 145 180 180 180
speed setting Variable
sound pressure 65 dB
weight without battery(lbs) 4.8 lbs 4.8 lbs 4.8 lbs 4.8 lbs 4.8 lbs 12.5 lbs 4.8 lbs 4.8 lbs 4.8 lbs
water resistance rating IPx4

Our Clients Said

Start working with China factory, BISON can provide everything you need to purchase, wholesale.


"I thought I'd give battery tools another opportunity and I'm glad I did. Purchasing electric leaf blower instead of gasoline leaf blower for the first time,no more storing solvents, mixing oils, no maintenance, no storing for winter, no filters or plugs. Easy assembly out of the box. Cruise control and a turbo button for extra umph. Produces noise similar to a 3 gal Shop-Vac. I also purchsed different voltage batteries from BISON to suit client's requirements.Highly recommended! "

- Levi West Purchase


" I imported gasoline blower from last year January 2017 and have been selling commercially (I sell garden tools on Amazon). There are approximately 7 types blower in my online shop and runs like a champ, starts first pull every time. Use clean fresh fuel and proper mix and they will have no problems. I highly recommend this product. "

- Mike P. C.E.O


" Over the past decade, I have changed 3 or 4 garden tools suppliers. Currently I am purchasing leaf blowers, chainsaws from BISON.High efficiency (including quotation, contract confirmation, production time, delivery time), another plus,high-quality products, cost-effective prices,i think I will continue to choose BISON,they are excellent partner. "

- Bud M. C.E.O


" This is the third times I have imported leaf blower. I think BISON blower have a lot of leaf blowing power. Plenty powerful enough with a large volume of air to push even matted pine straw. About average or what I would consider workable as far as the weight goes. Not heavy, maneuverable enough so users don’t feel over worked. BISON quality,Will definitely purchase buy fourth time. "

- Markelewicz C.E.O

Common FAQ

A holistic solution to your most common questions about BISON leaf blowers.

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leaf blower purchasing and import guide

Leaf blower, also called a blower, is a power tool designed to help keep outdoor spaces clean and free of debris and leaves. Leaf blowers can also be used to remove snow, drains, and dirty sidewalks. The air blower with vacuum cleaner can also suck garden waste and store it in a pre-connected bag. No matter what kind of leaf blower you want, BISON has a solution for you.

corded leaf blowercordless leaf blower

What types of leaf blowers are there?

This is the most basic classification, which determines the style preferences of consumers, the wholesale amount, and the probability of repurchase. BISON blowers are typically powered in one of three ways: gasoline, electric (wired), electric (battery).

Electric leaf blower option

Cordless leaf blower: Looking for a leaf blower with extra mobility? Cordless electric leaf blowers usually weigh less than 10 pounds and are easy to operate. They are popular among people who don't want to carry out the maintenance requirements of gas-powered models and don't want to be constrained by power cords. The rechargeable battery can run for about half an hour, so if the housework takes longer, you must wait for the battery to be charged or replace it with a second battery. BISON wireless battery leaf blower provides 24V Makita battery to ensure the working time of the leaf blower.
Wired electric leaf blower: Wire models typically weigh 8 pounds or less and can be operated with one hand. Accessible button activation and zero exhaust emissions are advantages. With a wired leaf blower, you don't need to worry about low battery power. They are also lighter than other leaf blowers. Due to inconvenience, the roped leaf blower is suitable for smaller sites, and there are power outlets near the work area.

Gasoline leaf blower option

Gasoline leaf blowers generally provide maximum fluidity and runtime. This type of blower is suitable for large areas. You need to pull the cord to start the engine, and it needs regular maintenance. Most models weigh about 10 pounds. Although they are quieter than before, they are still loud, and you should always wear hearing protection when you work.
Two-stroke engine: A leaf blower with a two-stroke engine runs on a mixture of gasoline and oil. Users need to mix fuel or buy pre-mixed fuel. Due to their lighter weight, they are easier to operate than four-stroke leaf blowers.
Four-stroke engine: The leaf blower equipped with a four-stroke engine uses only gasoline. It is not necessary to mix your fuel. These types of leaf blowers are generally heavier than two-stroke leaf blowers and require regular oil changes.

Leaf blower type

Hand-held leaf blower: Hand-held leaf blower is the most common choice for cleaning leaves outside the home. They are perfect for cleaning porches, small decks, and lawns. They are very light and easy to handle. Designed for one-handed use, easy to use, if your market is more for small garden use, BISON hand-held leaf blower is recommended.
Backpack leaf blower: Backpack leaf blower is ideal for commercial or heavy use. Most backpack leaf blowers weigh 17 pounds or more, but they distribute the weight evenly between your shoulders and hips, so you won't feel very tired. They provide mobility, strong power and long operating hours, making them a good choice for large spaces such as workshops, garages and backyards.
Leaf blower with vacuum cleaner: Certain types of leaf blowers can be converted into vacuum cleaners. Vacuum Capable Leaf Blower can also pick up, grind leaves and turn them into fertilizer for plants in your garden.
Walk behind leaf blower: wheel leaf blowers are probably the most expensive, heaviest, and loudest leaf blowers you can buy. Their power and blowing ability are worth it, especially if your client needs it for commercial work or large areas, it will save a lot of time. And BISON wheel leaf blowers can handle more than just leaves, such as removing cardboard, solid debris, and even metal trim.


Wholesale suitable leaf blowers, Things to consider.


You may notice that some leaf blower lists indicate the machine's "CFM" and "MPH". Each of these ratings is related to the maximum power and speed of the blower, and they together represent the overall strength of the blower.
Cubic feet per minute (CFM) refers to the air volume of the machine, or the volume of air passing through the blower nozzle. The higher the CFM of the leaf blower, the more leaves, debris and other substances pushed by the leaf blower, which means you will be able to clean a larger area in a shorter time.
Miles per hour (MPH) measures the speed of air coming out of the nozzle of the device. The higher the MPH level, the faster the leaves are pushed away, and the greater the force.

The amount of noise

The volume of sound produced by leaf blowers is measured in decibels and depends on the power they produce and how far the user is standing. If your clients live mostly in residential areas, they won't want to use a noisy machine for routine tasks like cleaning gutters or lawns, as it can get very noisy and upset the neighbors, it's best for your Customers choose silent leaf blowers. Of course if the clients live in remote areas, that's not a problem. BISON's leaf blowers can be equipped with a silent unit, with a decibel rating (dBA) usually appropriate to the laws in your area. You need to consider the region where your leaf blower wants to be sold, and then check the noise score in our leaf blower series.

Low emission

BISON advanced engine technology can reduce harmful exhaust emissions by up to 75% and increase fuel efficiency by up to 20%. Battery-powered models produce no emissions and save users on gasoline costs, which makes them good for the environment and wallets.

Battery Life

This is not a problem if you plan to use the leaf blower for small jobs, but if the area is large, you will need something that can last the entire job. BISON wireless electric leaf blower provides a battery charging plug with fast charging function to ensure the continuous completion of leaf blowing work.


Another factor that customers consider before purchasing a leaf blower is its comfort level. This is not a vanity metric. BISON provides leaf blowers with ergonomic handles, which are more stable and better distribute weight to meet the needs of consumers for long-term use.

Additional features

Some leaf blower functions increase convenience and safety. For example, additional nozzles, speed control function, air inlet design, ergonomic design of the handle, etc.

  • Extra handle: Some handheld models have a second handle for better control and weight distribution.

  • Nozzle design: Some leaf blowers have flat nozzles, while others are round—some models have both. Generally, the flatter nozzle blows the leaves more widely, and the rounder nozzle blows the leaves more force.

  • speed control: The multiple speeds of the electric leaf blower or the variable throttle of the gas-powered model allow your customers to adjust the power according to their needs.

  • Convenient switch: The switch has good safety features, allowing your customers to quickly and easily turn off electric motors or gas engines.

  • Adjustable wind deflector: On wheel models, the adjustable air deflector allows you to adjust the airflow forward or to either side. This is very convenient for collecting leaves or working near walls, hedges or other obstacles.

  • Comfortable: Ergonomic design is very important for people who use leaf blowers for a long time. BISON provides effective shock absorbers that can absorb vibration and minimize the pressure on the arms and hands.


Customers of leaf blowers care about these issues:

Can a cordless leaf blower also be used to remove snow?

The cordless leaf blower can be used on the highest speed setting to remove light powder snow less than an inch thick. However, they cannot be used to clear thick, wet snow because they lack power. If this is the type of snow in your area, consider using a snow shovel or snow blower.

Why is the leaf blower so loud?

It is harder to make an extremely silent leaf blower because of how it works, the noise of the leaf blower is not caused by the leaf blower itself, but by the air being blown out, the air is very fast and dense, so it Make some noise.

Are air leaf blowers restricted?

If you're planning to buy a gas blower, be sure to check for any restrictions or regulations in your area. Hundreds of cities across the country have passed legislation restricting the use of gas leaf blowers, including time limits and noise level limits.

BISON is a professional leaf blower manufacturer in China, we design, develop, produce leaf blowers, can provide real factory videos and 24 hours manual service. If you want wholesale, please contact us for quote.

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