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BISON is an impact wrench factory and has many years of experience in manufacturing. If you need to make items from scratch, our R&D engineers and designers can complete samples within three days. All impact wrenches are ISO 9001:2015 certified and carry CE certificates.

impact wrench

impact wrench bolt size square drive torque range (n/m) impacts (per minute) rpm length (mm) weight (kg)
Inline – lever start
BSL-200-3 7/16 3/8 20-68 3200 3000 216 1.4
BSL-200-4 1/2 1/2 20-81 3200 3000 216 1.5
pistol grip – trigger start
BSP-255-3P 7/16 3/8 80-100 1150 9500 145 1.2
BSP-455-4R 1/2 1/2 50-502 1400 6500 176 2.4
BSP-2050-6 7/8 3/4 170-800 1000 6000 162 3.5
BSP-2060B-6 1-1/8 3/4 350-950 1000 4000 197 5.4
BSP-2110B-8 1-3/8 1 1000-2250 880 4600 241 9.4
trigger start - spade handle
BST-2110-8 1-1/2 1 1000-2250 880 4600 327 9.5
BSTS-2120 1-1/2 #5 Spl. 1600-3800 850 3300 362 12.5
BST-2120-12 1-1/2 1-1/2 1600-4000 850 3300 362 12.5

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"The quick reply solved my import problem of impact wrenches.Salesman from BISON gave me a lot of advice on product selection.Finally I tested 3 brand impact wrenches but after using I am sure a home owner and a car owner would not need anything better than BISON impact wrench .For a much lower price it gets the job done perfect and doesn’t kill users wrists.Highly recommend. "

- Nathan Purchase


" Precision drive makes for smooth performance when removing multiple bolts of the same type. Faces stiff competition from Milwaukee but at the price BISON impact wrench offers a lot of power. For those not requiring more than 250 lb of drive torque, the new BISON BS-1243 12V stubby 1/2 inch drive is a compelling alternative.Sales of this have increased significantly.At the same time, I have not received bad reviews from customers.Nice products. "

- Kvrazel C.E.O


" I've gradually been replacing many old suppliers of my garden tools with the BISON. My new order impact wrench ,they're fantastic. It works great for my customers- medium duty automotive owner. So well made, thoughtfully designed, and tough.Love it!Five stars from me!! "

- Rick B. C.E.O

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impact wrench purchasing and import guide

An impact wrench is an essential tool when it comes to working on your own car or truck, or when it comes to maintaining household lawn equipment and other machinery. A powerful wrench with a hammering mechanism can provide a powerful and fast blow to loosen stuck nuts; otherwise, you may need strong muscles and breaking hammers to loosen them. The high power and high torque impact wrench provided by BISON can easily take out or tighten the nut, which will make any work faster and easier.

Here are the somethings you should consider when wholesale the impact wrench:

impact wrench types

Like many power tools, impact wrenches are divided into three basic types: powered by air, alternating current, or batteries.

Air impact wrench is a standard configuration in auto repair shops, but it is not so popular in-home or DIY use. These tools are powerful, lightweight, and generally cheaper than electric impact wrenches, but require the air compressor to work. BISON pneumatic impact wrench is a professional heavy duty impact tool specially designed for industrial use.

In terms of power, corded electric impact wrenches are ranked second, but limit you to the nearest power outlet. Corded impact wrenches are generally lighter in weight, and they are a good choice for long hours of work. If you work in the garage or yard, then this may be the right choice for you.

Cordless impact wrench is the most popular type for homeowners, DIY, and those who take care of repair as a hobby. Since you are not limited by the power outlet, battery impact wrench can let you perform repairs quickly and easily anytime, anywhere. The wireless design also helps avoid tripping and safety hazards, making it ideal for busy workplaces. The downside is that you need to track battery life, and wireless tools tend to be heavier than the other two styles and have slightly lower power in terms of torque.

cordless impact wrenchair impact wrenchcordless impact wrench

Torque Rating

Some manufacturers express torque in foot-pound force, while others use inch-pound force. For most basic work, you need more than 200 foot-pounds of torque. Don't think that you need the maximum torque. If the torque is too large, you may often damage the nut. BISON provides a variety of impact wrench models with different sizes and torques, so you can easily find a tool suitable for any job.

Variable Speed Control

The working speed range of the impact wrench is in RPM. Look for a model that has at least 3,000 RPM and allows you to easily change the speed with a trigger.

Number Of Impacts

The "impact" in an impact wrench is an explosion of extra power that increases the strength of the tool's rotation, measured by the amount of impact per minute. Generally speaking, an air impact wrench can provide 2,000 to 3,000 impacts per minute.

Impact wrench kit

You can wholesale impact wrenches separately, but BISON impact wrench kit is a more valuable option. They contain essentials such as durable toolboxes or kits, spare batteries and battery chargers.

Torque adjustment

You can control the torque output of the wrench this way. This is good because you can reduce the risk of over-tightening the bolt or breaking the bolt head.

Balance and ergonomics

not all wrenches are designed equally well in this area. Find a wrench that fits your hand, has a comfortable grip material, and is well-balanced to reduce fatigue and stress during use.

Additional Features

  • The built-in LED light provides a larger field of view.
  • The ergonomic handle provides better comfort and better control.
  • Heavy-duty batteries provide more work per charge.
  • The included charger can quickly charge the battery pack.
  • Overload protection to ensure the safety of your tools.

If you want to wholesale Chinese impact wrenches, please contact us.

Impact wrench delivery time:

Industrial heavy-duty air impact wrenches require a production lead time of up to 45 days.

Other impact wrenches can be shipped within 3 weeks, such as d handle impact wrench, right angle impact wrench.

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