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20V portable handheld cordless blower
20V portable handheld cordless blower
20V portable handheld cordless blower
20V portable handheld cordless blower

20V portable handheld cordless blower

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20V portable handheld cordless blower details

Featuring a mighty motor that generates a maximum air speed of 130 KM/H (80 mph) and air volume of 9.52m3/min (310CFM), this cordless blower can handle even the toughest debris. The soft grip handle ensures a comfortable and secure grip during operation, allowing for easy control and manoeuvring even during extended periods of use. And with the quick detachable tube, maintenance and cleaning are a breeze. 

The portable handheld cordless blower is the most affordable option on the market, and it has a lot of advantages. It doesn’t require gas or oil, making it easy to use and environmentally friendly. You don’t have to worry about storing a powerful machine in your garage or shed, because it takes up very little space. Also, you don’t have to worry about oil changes or tune-ups, which makes this type of leaf blower extremely low maintenance.

In addition to being inexpensive and easy to maintain, electric leaf blowers are also incredibly powerful for their air volume. They can easily move leaves and twigs out of your yard with ease. But this versatile tool is not just for personal use. In the manufacturing industry, cordless blowers like this one are widely used for various applications, including clearing workspaces, blowing off debris from machinery, and dusting off electronics.

Cordless leaf blowers can be used anywhere you need to blow leaves or debris off your property. You don't have to worry about tripping over the power cord or accidentally disconnecting it. Plus, you don't need to worry about running out of gas for yard work or having to deal with mixing oil and gas; all you need to do is charge the battery before using it!

BISON portable cordless blowers Cordless handheld leaf blowers are perfect for people who want the freedom and convenience of using their blower without having to worry about cords or fuel tanks getting in their way. are excellent tools for cleaning leaves and debris for the following reasons:

  • Low-Maintenance Li-Ion Battery: Lithium-ion batteries do not require gas and are easier to maintain. No fuel needs to be replenished, no oil level needs to be checked, and no spark plug needs to be replaced.

  • Quiet Operation: The battery-powered leaf blower is designed to reduce all kinds of pollution, even loud noise. The quietest models can operate at noise levels of approximately 57-60 decibels, which makes them quieter than many vacuum cleaners.

  • Lightweight and Easy to Carry: Because of their batteries, cordless leaf blowers weigh slightly heavier than corded electric leaf blowers. Cordless leaf blowers are lightweight and easy to maneuver. They only weigh up to 10 pounds, making them easier to carry around than gas-powered models. Plus, you never have to worry about refueling them while using them!

20V portable handheld cordless blower specification

Max Air Speed


Air Volume



Soft Grip


Strong Blowing Velocity & Quick Detachable Tube

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20V portable handheld cordless blower Faq

Q: Are leaf blowers strong enough to handle snow?

A: The warm air produced by the leaf blower can even melt some snow, while also blowing away the best snowflakes. However, when using a snow blower to remove snow, keep these tips in mind: use a leaf blower for 1 inch or less of snow; use a snow blower for more snow.

Q: How long can a battery powered blower last?

A: Most handhelds deplete in a maximum of 12 to 15 minutes before needing a charge, so they only make sense if you have a few small trees or if you're diligently blowing leaves as they fall

20V portable handheld cordless blower factory

Founded in 2015, BISON is a China modern leaf blower factory integrating design, manufacturing, wholesale, outlet services. Now, we've grown into a major 20V portable handheld cordless blower manufacturer, with over 500 million dollars in annual sales.

Still doubtful? Here are other reasons why we're your best bet:

  • √ BISON can not only process OEM orders, but also stock products for wholesale.
20V portable handheld cordless blower factory

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In addition to 20V portable handheld cordless blower, BISON also wholesale leaf blowers of different styles. Not looking for that? no problem! A few of our customers favorites are displayed on the left.

You can freely customize the color and material of the packaging carton at BISON. Although BISON is confident in the quality of 20V portable handheld cordless blower, we still provide 20V portable handheld cordless blower spare parts to meet your after-sales needs.

In addition, BISON also provide images, PDFs, videos, etc. to help you develop your business. Contact BISON China factory now for more information.

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