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petrol earth auger
petrol earth auger
petrol earth auger
petrol earth auger
petrol earth auger

petrol earth auger

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petrol earth auger details

As an established earth auger factory, we're proud to present you with this remarkable innovation, the petrol earth auger. This powerful and reliable tool is a must-have for your drilling needs. This auger is the perfect solution for any job that requires drilling through the toughest of surfaces.

So, what sets our petrol earth auger apart? It's unmatched power and efficiency, thanks to the state-of-the-art petrol engine. This earth auger has a potent 2-stroke air-cooled single-cylinder gasoline engine that produces excellent power at 2.7kw. Its fuel tank capacity of 1800ML ensures uninterrupted operation for extended periods.

The petrol earth auger comes with a drill length of 80CM and a drill diameter ranging from 40MM to 300MM, making it the ideal choice for drilling through various surfaces with ease. Its idling speed range of 2800-3200rpm ensures optimal performance and precision, allowing for efficient drilling every time.

BISON petrol earth auger boasts a lightweight design. It's highly portable and manoeuvrable, making it your go-to tool for drilling in tight spaces. You asked and we listened - the ergonomic handle ensures maximum comfort during extended use.

But that's not all. We've engineered our petrol earth auger with an advanced recoil starting system. This means quick, effortless starts every single time. No more time wasted on stubborn equipment. Just pull the cord and you're ready to drill.

Our fellow dealers, we're confident that the petrol earth auger is the solution your customers have been searching for. It's the perfect blend of power, portability, and ease of use. Order yours today and experience the unparalleled power and performance of our petrol earth auger.

petrol earth auger specification

Engine2-stroke air-cooled, Single cylinder engine(1E48F)
Output Power2.7kw/6800rpm
Ldling Speed2800-3200rpm
Drill length80CM
Drill diameter40MM-300MM
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petrol earth auger Faq

petrol earth auger factory

Founded in 2015, BISON is a China modern earth auger factory integrating design, manufacturing, wholesale, outlet services. For importers, any petrol earth auger types can be found at BISON.

Here are the key reasons why we are so good at satisfying our customers.

  • √ Establish long term relations with 100+ global, happy customers from more than 60 countries.
  • √ During 7 years of development, we often participate in different exhibitions.
  • √ As a 5-year gold supplier of Alibaba, BISON keeps the delivery time within 30 days.
  • √ BISON manages the whole process from purchasing to production, our goal is to make earth auger achieve zero defect.
  • √ All pictures, videos and manuals are available and you can also find them on the website.
petrol earth auger factory

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In addition to petrol earth auger, BISON also wholesale earth augers of different styles. The related products on the left are some suggestions from our customers, which may help you choose.

You can freely customize the color and material of the packaging carton at BISON. Although BISON is confident in the quality of petrol earth auger, we still provide petrol earth auger spare parts to meet your after-sales needs.

When we export , BISON also provides photos, videos, instructions to help you sell better. Contact BISON China factory now for more information.

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