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connecting rod
connecting rod
connecting rod
connecting rod
connecting rod

connecting rod

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The most common use of connecting rods is for engines. BISON connecting rod is part of a piston engine and connects the piston to the crankshaft. Together with the crank, the connecting rod converts the reciprocating motion of the piston into the rotation of the crankshaft. The connecting rod needs to transmit the compression and tension of the piston. In its most common form, in an internal combustion engine, it allows pivoting at the piston end and rotation at the shaft end.

The predecessor of the connecting rod is a mechanical linkage device used by the watermill to convert the rotating motion of the water wheel into reciprocating motion.

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connecting rod Faq

Why does the connecting rod break?

Fatigue is the main cause of connecting rods fracture-especially in old engines. Continuous compression during the power stroke and continuous extension during the exhaust stroke, more than thousands of times per minute, will eventually wear the metal, making it brittle and eventually breaking.

How do I know if my connecting rod is bad?

1. Engine knock

Listen to the knocking sound of the engine running. The situation can get worse when the engine is cold and before the oil has a chance to warm up and begin to lubricate the components thoroughly. Piston rod knock is a hollow sound that accelerates as the engine speed increases. When the car gets hot, the knock may still be there, or it may disappear altogether.

2. Low oil pressure

Check oil pressure. Poor rod or rod bearing can also cause low oil pressure. If the engine has an oil pressure gauge, a sign of low oil pressure may be that the oil pressure light is on or the oil pressure reading is low.

3. Excessive fuel consumption

Determine if the engine is using too much oil. If the engine continues to run at low oil levels, it may be caused by damage to the connecting rod or connecting rod bearing.

4. Vision check

The only reliable way to determine whether the connecting rod is damaged is to disassemble the engine and inspect the connecting rod, bearings, piston pins, and crankshaft sliding back and forth between the connecting rod bearings. This is obviously an expensive proposal, but a broken connecting rod requires a complete engine rebuild anyway.

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connecting rod factory

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