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triplex plunger pump
triplex plunger pump
triplex plunger pump
triplex plunger pump
triplex plunger pump

triplex plunger pump

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triplex plunger pump details

The triplex plunger pump is designed for a variety of high-pressure cleaning applications. The structure of the pump has a die-cast crankcase, a forged brass head, and the internal components include solid ceramic coated plungers, tapered roller bearings, integrated connecting rods and stainless steel check valves.

The triplex plunger pump has a variety of options such as gearbox, belt drive, motor coupling drive, gasoline, diesel engine, etc.

Feature of triplex plunger pump:

  • Brass Manifold

  • Ceramic Coated Plunger

  • Aluminum Alloy Crankcase, Anti-Corrosion, Heat Dissipation

  • Forged Crankshaft, Hardened, Tempered Steel

  • Aluminum Alloy Connecting Rod

  • Connecting Flange Available

Triplex plunger pump Advantage and Benefits:

1. Cost-Effective and Profitable

Compared with other overseas companies, our prices are more competitive, and the quality of the pump is very stable and durable, which has been proven by our valued customers around the world. Therefore, the transaction with us will become a profitable and pleasant cooperation.

2. Stability and reliability

We have mastered the technology of this triplex plunger pump, and we have used the highest quality materials and components, which makes this pressure pump durable and reliable.

3. Superior Service and Support

Provide technical support and assistance at any time and respond quickly.

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triplex plunger pump Faq

What are Triplex pumps used for?

A triplex pump is a classification of mud pump commonly used for oil drilling. The primary purpose of a mud pump is to circulate the mud, also called drilling fluid, during drilling operations. It works by forcing drilling fluid down the hollow drill string and back up through the annulus.

What is the difference between duplex and triplex pump?

A pump that has double-action strokes in two cylinders is called a duplex pump (Figure 1.2). A pump that has single-action strokes in three cylinders is called a triplex pump (Figure 1.3).

triplex plunger pump factory

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triplex plunger pump factory

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