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BS-160 MIG welding machine
BS-160 MIG welding machine
BS-160 MIG welding machine
BS-160 MIG welding machine
BS-160 MIG welding machine

BS-160 MIG welding machine

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BS-160 MIG welding machine details

Metal inert gas (MIG) welding is an arc welding process that uses a continuous solid wire to heat and feed it from the welding gun into the welding pool. The welding torch provides shielding gas next to the electrode to help protect the welding pool from air pollutants.

BS-160 MIG Welding Machine offer many advantages over other fastening methods such as rivets and bolts:

  • They are strong and durable as compared to other fasteners and can withstand high pressure and stress conditions;

  • They have low installation cost as compared to other fasteners;

  • They can be easily removed from their place if needed;

  • They have low maintenance cost as compared to other fasteners such as rivets and bolts;

The main advantage of using a welding machine is that it reduces human error when welding two pieces of metal together. It also gives you more control over how much heat is applied to each part of the weld and allows you to create cleaner looking joints than if you were using other methods like arc welding.

BISON BS-160 MIG Welding Machine:

  • It adopts advanced IGBT inverter technology, is light in weight and complies with EMC standards.

  • 20-50KHz power inverter platform to ensure arc self-regulation performance.

  • The current waveform is controlled accurately, and the Co2 arc welding performance is excellent.

  • Accurate and unified adjustment, easy to operate.

  • Small and portable, high efficiency, low consumption and energy saving.

  • Strong compensation ability, anti-voltage fluctuation, stable welding current.

  • Manual short arc welding, suitable for on-site operation.

  • Lightweight, compact and portable.

  • Energy saving, low cost, suitable for various grid capacities.

MIG-160 welding machine details:

MIG-160 welding machine specification:



Rate input(V)


Current range(A)


Rate Duty cycle(%)


Input Capacity(KVA)




Dimensions (L*W*H)


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BS-160 MIG welding machine Faq

Q: Is a MIG or stick welder better?

A: Both MIG and Stick welding systems can produce high-quality welds, but the type of metal has a big impact on which machine will work better. For thinner metals, MIG welding is a better option for creating clean, strong joints. On thicker metal—over ⅜ inches—the Stick performs better.

Q: What kind of welding machine should a beginner buy?

A: MIG Welding Machine are one of the best types for beginners because they are designed with a wire electrode on a spool that is fed through the welding torch at a pre-selected speed. As a semi-automatic or automatic process, gas metal arc welding (GMAW or MIG) is the easiest to learn.

BS-160 MIG welding machine factory

Founded in 2015, BISON is a China modern welding machine factory integrating design, manufacturing, wholesale, outlet services. For importers, any BS-160 MIG welding machine can be found at BISON.

Why us? Here are some reasons why you should choose BISON:

  • √ We currently have 200+ employees and two 10,000 square feet of factory space.
  • √ Strong design capabilities, our team meets your unique ideas.
  • √ During 7 years of development, we often participate in different exhibitions.
  • √ BISON has ISO9001, BSCI, SONCAP, EURO 5 and other different certifications.
  • √ BISON manages the whole process from purchasing to production, our goal is to make welding machine achieve zero defect.
BS-160 MIG welding machine factory

Best welding machines according to our clients

In addition to MIG welding machine, BISON also wholesales other BS-160 MIG welding machine. Not looking for that? no problem! A few of our customers favorites are displayed on the left.

No matter the appearance, specifications or brand in the picture, everything can be customized to fit your needs. And we also provide a wide range of BS-160 MIG welding machine accessories.

In addition, BISON also provide images, PDFs, videos, etc. to help you develop your business. Contact BISON immediately to wholesale MIG welding machine.

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