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electric vs gasoline chainsaw


With so many advancements in power tools, it's no wonder people are considering power chainsaws.

With their clean power and minimal maintenance, chainsaws are attractive to suburban homeowners and those unaccustomed to gas engines.

New electric models make short battery life a thing of the past. And the cutting force is outstanding. But there are still some tasks that gas chainsaws cannot be matched in terms of cutting speed and power.

Knowing the pros and cons of an electric and gasoline chainsaw can help you better determine which is right for you.

electric chainsaw


How do electric chainsaws work?

  1. An electric motor powers electric chainsaws. They have no moving parts like gas engines.

  2. An internal component called the "armature" generates the power.

  3. This power is converted from electrical to mechanical form, also known as torque.

  4. Torque is transmitted to a shaft located inside the chainsaw.

  5. This causes the chain to spin on the guide bar.

Types of electric chainsaws

There are two types of chainsaws, cordless and corded. Both have the same mode of operation for driving the chain. The main difference is how the chain is powered. Corded chainsaws require power from an outlet, while cordless chainsaws run on batteries.

Advantages of electric chainsaws

Electric chainsaws are light and compact, so they are not a burden. They are quieter than gasoline chainsaws and don't leave a gas smell behind them. Moreover, you don't have to worry about mixing oil and air when using an electric chainsaw. Best of all, the electric chainsaw starts with the push of a button.

Electric chainsaws don't require much maintenance. Electric chainsaws are best for tree pruning, trimming, cutting small logs, and other tasks around your home or yard.

Disadvantages of electric chainsaws

Although electric chainsaws are lighter and smaller, few have the strength or endurance to fell massive trees. If you have very large trees on your home or property that you wish to remove or chop for firewood, a gasoline model is your best bet.

Lack of maneuverability is a disadvantage of corded chainsaws. You must purchase an extension cord if you're using a corded electric model. Even with a power cord, there's a limit to how far you can go.

As for cordless chainsaw, they frequently don't have the strength of a corded chainsaw, which further restricts what you can cut. More recently, however, the use of higher voltage batteries has improved chainsaw performance.

Typical uses of electric chainsaws

Small and medium jobs

Electric chain saws are compact and lightweight. They are therefore ideal for light to medium tasks around the backyard. They are an amazing tool for maintaining the health of your garden trees!


An electric chainsaw is an excellent option for cutting small logs for a backyard fire pit. They are also perfect if you need to trim dead branches from your tree. They're light enough to take anywhere without tiring your hands, arms, or back.

Environment friendly

Electric chainsaws don't make too much noise. They also don't emit toxic fumes like gas chainsaws. They're more comfortable in quiet neighborhoods and better for your lungs.

gasoline chainsaw


How does a gasoline chainsaw work?

  1. Fuel moves through the carburetor and mixes with air.

  2. This fuel-air mixture enters the cylinders.

  3. Inside the cylinder, this air mixture is ignited by the spark plug.

  4. Once the mixture burns, it releases energy, pushing the piston.

  5. The connecting rod and crank convert this energy into rotational motion.

  6. The drive shaft transmits this power into a centrifugal clutch.

  7. This clutch connects the engine to the chain through the sprocket.

Types of gasoline chainsaws

There are two types of gasoline chainsaws, two strokes and four strokes. The 2-stroke version mixes the oil and gasoline and pour it into the engine's oil tank. The 4-stroke cycle does not require oil or gas mixing. It has two different tanks for gasoline and oil.

Advantages of gasoline chainsaws

Gasoline chainsaws are ideal for heavy-duty jobs. If you have many trees on your property, farm or ranch, or are looking for something for professional use, a gasoline chainsaw may be your best bet. It cuts down trees and turns logs into firewood. The gasoline chainsaw also has a range of bar lengths to suit your job requirements.

Unlike a corded chainsaw, you are not limited to one area. Unlike cordless electric chainsaws, you won't drain battery life, so you can work longer enough if you have a proper gas supply.

Disadvantages of gasoline chainsaws

Gasoline chainsaws are often heavy and tiring. They're also louder than electric chainsaws, require a mixture of oil and air, and have a gassy smell to operate. Finally, gasoline chainsaws typically have a higher starting price than electric chainsaws, which may make them less attractive to beginners.

Typical uses of gasoline chainsaws

Gasoline chainsaws can be used in both commercial and domestic settings. Ranchers and farmers love them for their combination of portability and power. They are powerful enough to break down fences or chop down large trees.

A gasoline chainsaw is a perfect tool for those who need to get medium to large jobs done efficiently and quickly. If you need landscaping work or chop down an old tree, a gasoline chainsaw is the best choice.

Electric vs. gasoline chainsaw: A side-by-side comparison

Price comparison

When choosing between an electric or a gasoline chainsaw, the price can be essential in determining which model is best for you. Generally speaking, electric chainsaws are less expensive than gasoline chainsaws because they are more straightforward in construction and do not have engine parts that require regular maintenance and repairs. Generally speaking, you can pay around $50 to $100 for a reliable electric chainsaw and a good quality gasoline chainsaw for about $80 to $150, depending on the size and power output you need.

Performance comparison

Get your adrenaline pumping with the sheer power of a gasoline chainsaw cut! Gasoline chainsaws provide greater power output than electric chainsaws.

Durability comparison

Although electric and gasoline chainsaws offer durable designs, it is essential to consider how each type of chainsaw will withstand various environmental conditions, such as extreme temperatures or humidity levels, before purchasing. Gasoline chainsaws are more durable than electric chainsaws due to the internal combustion engine, which provides additional protection from damage caused by extreme temperatures or humidity levels compared to electric chainsaws.

Maintenance comparison

Finally, the maintenance required for electric and gasoline chainsaws must be considered before purchasing. Electric chainsaws require very little maintenance -- other than regular lubrication and sharpening of the saw chain -- while gasoline saws require frequent oil changes and spark plug adjustments to keep them running at peak performance levels over time.


Electric vs. gasoline chainsaw: How to choose the right one?

There is no automatic answer as to which type of chainsaw is best for you. It all depends on your needs. A regular electric chainsaw will do just fine if you're a homeowner. They are quieter, more compact, portable, and often less expensive than gasoline chainsaws.

However, suppose you enjoy doing heavy backyard work, cutting logs and similar wood products for long periods, or are a professional. In that case, the performance of a gasoline chainsaw is simply unbeatable!

Make the right choice with BISON's experts

As a leading chainsaw manufacturer, BISON understands the importance of choosing the right tool for your needs. Our wide range of electric and petrol chainsaws cater for both residential and commercial applications, ensuring peak performance and efficiency no matter the task at hand.

Why Choose Bison?

  • COMPREHENSIVE LINE: From corded electric models to powerful petrol chainsaws, BISON has the perfect solution for any job.

  • INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY: BISON incorporates the latest advancements to offer chainsaws with superior cutting capabilities and user-friendly features.

  • UNMATCHED QUALITY: BISON's dedication to excellence ensures our chainsaws are built to last, giving you a reliable tool for years to come.

  • Expert Support: BISON's knowledgeable team is here to guide you, ensuring you make the most informed decision when choosing a chainsaw.

Don't compromise on quality and performance - choose the BISON chainsaw for a seamless cutting experience. Explore our diverse range of products today and take your business to the next level. Visit BISON chainsaw series today to find the perfect chainsaw for your needs.

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