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How to make portable generator power clean


How to make portable generator power clean

 portable f generator

portable f generator

Portable generators are a need for every home living in areas with extreme weather conditions. Modern households rely on appliances for everyday chores. It includes central heating or cooling, kitchen cooking, refrigerators, and charging mobile phones or laptops for communication or work.

Portable generators are life-saving equipment, and maintenance is important. The most important area of generator maintenance includes cleaning its power source. Power cleanup keeps generators running when needed and keeps them running longer.

Portable generator power cleaning

Portable generator power can be cleaned in a number of ways. But first, let our readers know what dirty power means.

What is a dirty power generator?

Dirty electricity is also known as electrical pollution. There are no dust-proof measures, and every household has them. No matter how much you take care of keeping your appliance clean and taking care of its use, they'll catch it.

The quality of power delivered to appliances is directly dependent on electrical pollution. This abnormal or degraded power delivery to appliances is called dirty power. This dirty electricity is a life-threatening situation for equipment we need every day and can also cause generators to fail. If you connect any appliances or gadgets to a portable generator whose main is not clean, it will damage them permanently or temporarily.

The damage from dirty electricity varies by household and situation. Dirty electricity can also permanently damage devices connected to it or, in some cases, cause malfunctions. To restore the power to its original state, it is crucial to frequently clean the generator.

We recommend never risking generators that show signs of dirty electricity. Why take the risk of purchasing expensive appliances?

Some sure signs of dirty power are:

● Blinking and twinkling lights

● Vibration sounds heavy

● Annoying and cranky noise

● Overheating in some cases

Also, if the generator experiences frequency changes, bad power components, frequent tripping of interfering circuit breakers, and unexpectedly low system capacity.

These signs of dirty electricity can also be spotted by the functionality of the appliances connected to it. For example, your smartphone may not be fully charged with a dirty generator, even though it shows a fully charged sign. For generators with dirty power, the cooling of the refrigerator may not be satisfactory.

What causes dirty power?

The most common cause of a dirty power is the quality of the generator itself. Most off-brand cheap generators use poor-quality parts that don't work as expected, resulting in power fluctuations.

Here are a few explanations for why your generator is generating dirty electricity.

1. Contaminated fuel

Contamination or degradation of fuel can make the generator run poorly and also lose engine power. Power output fluctuates as the engine revs up and down, and the alternator's generation of electrical energy also fluctuates.

Improper fuel storage is the number one cause of fuel degradation. Use fresh fuel or follow proper generator storage procedures when running the generator.

2. Clogged fuel system and air filter

When the generator's fuel system and air filter become clogged, it blocks fuel and airflow into the engine. This reduces engine performance, causing power fluctuations.

Proper maintenance can prevent such problems and keep your generator working properly.

3. Overload and load imbalance

Your generator will get louder and produce unclean electricity if it is overloaded. When the generator exceeds its maximum output, the alternator cannot maintain the voltage, causing fluctuations.

On the other hand, when the load on the generator frequently shifts from high to low, the unit cannot handle the load imbalance, resulting in power fluctuations.

4. Poor maintenance

Maintenance is the key to the longevity and optimum performance of any generator. Despite having the best portable generators that run on premium fuel, poor maintenance can be a big reason your generator produces dirty electricity.

Make sure that running scheduled maintenance on the generator does not fail.

How to make portable generator power clean

1) Using an inverter generators

Using an inverter generator is the most straightforward technique for cleaning portable generator power.

Inverter generators do not have traditional mechanical alternators installed. The inverter is capable of generating electricity according to the requirements of the loads connected to it. When the load is high, the inverter produces more power, but the speed is reduced at light loads.

Additionally, it can detect any type of harmonic distortion. It not only detects but eliminates harmful events. The ability of the inverter to maintain the required amount of voltage is excellent, making it a perfect choice for every home or business area.

While the inverter generator produces according to requirements, however, this power is small compared to the power produced by portable generators. If you're looking for clean energy but high yield, you probably don't like investing in it.

Inverter generators are priced higher than regular portable generators.

2) Using an uninterruptible power supply system AKA UPS




The UPS is one of the most commonly used devices in the power industry. A UPS is designed with a basic circuit to which one or more high-voltage appliances can be connected.

It can also be connected to a portable generator to generate a smooth wave output. A UPS converts all the dirty electricity into a clean sine wave. This clean wave produced can run your equipment without fear of damage.

This makes a UPS a good choice if your portable generator has dirty power. It runs the device using the uninterruptible power supply it produces. There are also automatic voltage regulators (AVRs)built into the newest UPS models from different brands. This makes it the perfect solution for voltage fluctuations. Fluctuations in voltage can also cause dirty electricity.

Another advantage of UPS is that it also provides short-term backup. You can connect the device to a UPS during a brief power outage. Use a UPS even if your portable generator runs out of fuel.

Make sure to invest in the right type of UPS. You will get one that is compatible with your portable generator. Mismatches can further worsen the condition rather than help. There are various models of UPS devices on the market. Do market research and read online reviews about the product before you invest.

3) Use an automatic voltage regulator

Automatic Voltage Regulator(AVR)

Automatic Voltage Regulator(AVR)

An automatic voltage regulator might be another option to avoid dirty electricity. The AVR converts the dirty power of the generator into stable power. The steady power produced is best for running the most sensitive household appliances.

AVR stabilizes voltage fluctuations and reduces RMP fluctuations for portable generators.

Likewise, when investing in an AVR, it is important to invest in one that is compatible with your generator; otherwise, the results may be unexpected. The ideal AVR's voltage should be within the range of your generator. Read online reviews of the many AVR models available and conduct market research. This is a smart investment for your safety, although it's a little cheaper than UPS.

4) Use a standalone inverter

A stand-alone inverter converts DC to AC and produces smooth, clean power for the appliances connected to it. To do this, you will first install an inverter system in your portable generator.

In addition to this, the stand-alone inverter also maintains the speed of the generator based on the load or the total number of devices connected to it. This mechanism can also improve fuel consumption, making it an energy-efficient device.

While installing a standalone inverter in a portable generator can keep the power clean, it also loses power in the connection. However, this lost power is negligible.

5) Use a power line conditioner

power line conditioner

Power line conditioner

Power line conditioners stabilize power produced by portable or stationary generators. It is connected to a generator and works by minimizing fluctuations and noise and providing a stable voltage to connected equipment.

Power line conditioners are considered suitable for suppressing electrical surges. The ability to suppress surges makes them a better choice than portable generator surge protectors.

It's a simple gadget to get rid of dirty powers. However, just like other gadgets, AVRs, inverters, and UPSs, power line conditioners should also be compatible with your generator.

6) Use a power filter

A power filter is an electronic product that minimizes electromagnetic interference from a power source to an appliance. This ensures no dirty electricity is generated and reduces cranky noise from the device.

You will use an oil filter or an air filter on the device to generate a stable voltage to run the device.

7) Use a surge protector

As the name suggests, surge protectors protect electronic equipment from power surges caused by generator harmonic distortion or grid power. Surge protectors detect overvoltage in the power input and redirect it to the ground.

Many people forget to plug in the ground wire when installing a surge protector, and as a result, they are not protected by the surge protector at all. Check the manual frequently to make sure the ground wire is properly connected.

When you purchase a new surge protector, it absorbs a certain amount of joules over its life. Every time it absorbs and sends some joules to the ground wire, it becomes less and less effective at protecting your electronics.

Therefore, you should aim for high-quality surge protectors and replace them frequently. Check the ones with a guarantee. Other than that, remember to connect them properly to prevent power surges.

8) Use a backup battery

Batteries have built-in mechanisms to prevent dirty electricity and reduce electromagnetic interference. Charging the battery with a generator provides backup power for your backup power source.

The power supply will be clean if you want to run your electronics on batteries. Batteries don't have the capacity of a generator, so don't run more than one or two devices on them.


Stop being afraid to lose your expensive but most-needed appliances every day or other highly sensitive appliances. For your appliances' smooth operation and longevity, it is best to keep the portable generator power source clean. The above method will give you an idea of how to do it. There's no rocket science in it. Just choose the one that best suits your situation and pocket.

Do something about generator power cleaning today. It's never too late!


1) Can generators damage electronics?

Not always. Inverter generators and generators with automatic voltage regulators will not harm your electronic equipment. Those without equipment won't damage your electronics either, but the risk is higher.

2) Do portable generators damage appliances?

Yes. If it's not equipped with an inverter or automatic voltage regulator, it can damage the harmonic distortion in the power supply, which can damage sensitive electronics.

3) Do generators produce dirty electricity?

Generators without inverters or automatic voltage regulators produce unstable, dirty electricity and can be dangerous to electronic equipment.

4) What is clean energy from generators?

It is a power supply without any voltage fluctuations. Voltage fluctuations beyond certain limits can cause electrical pollution. Dirty electricity can cause generators to fail and damage your electronics.

5) Can you plug a UPS into a generator?

If your generator produces dirty power, connecting it to a UPS will help stabilize the power. However, you must check the compatibility of the UPS with your generator. Check the generator's power output against the UPS system's rating.

6) Does my generator need a surge protector?

Yes, exactly. Surge protectors protect your electronic equipment from surges or overloads, preventing irreparable damage to your equipment

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