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Get BEST hot water pressure washer [8 minutes]


When cold water cannot be thoroughly cleaned at all, you should consider upgrading to the best hot water pressure washer that can meet the demands of greater cleaning power. It’s no secret that hot water has a miraculous effect on cleaning. Wholesale hot water pressure washer is a considerable investment, so you should ensure that you have imported the correct model for your business. In this section, we will try to cover all the details about hot water pressure washers that you should consider before making your final choice.

Why use a heated pressure washer?

After years of cleaning with ordinary garden hoses, cleaning with a high-pressure washer is highly efficient. When you want to clean stubborn oil stains on the floor, you may soon realize that a cold water pressure washer cannot remove it at all—no matter how high the pressure is.

In this case, there is only one way to choose, and that is to use a hot water pressure washer.

So, who needs the heated pressure washer? The answer is any business that regularly cleans car parts, garage floors, and food processing.

Why use a heated pressure washer

Hot water pressure washer buying guide

1. Type of hot water washing machine.

2. Heating system

The burners of most hot water pressure washers use diesel, natural gas, or propane as fuel. Some models (such as gasoline pressure washers) will have two fuel tanks-one for the engine and the other for the burner.

Through this heating device, the water will be heated to close to the boiling point in a short time, and the water temperature is between 60 degrees Celsius and 100 degrees Celsius during operation. You can control the pressure washer to output at a constant temperature, or you can use cold water directly.

3. Frame

The frame of the hot water washing machine is made of strong metal and has wheels. So you also need to pay attention to the type of wheels and how many groups there are. The large wheels and steering wheels have excellent maneuverability.

4. Water pressure output

Water pressure is a point that all types of high pressure washers need to pay attention to, it represents the strength of the washing machine. The two main units of measurement you should be aware of are PSI and GPM.

PSI stands for "pounds per square inch". 1100 PSI pressure is sufficient for regular maintenance of a car, garage door or vinyl siding. 7000 PSI water pressure is enough to strip paint and rust. GPM stands for "gallons per minute". GPM stands for the amount of water flowing out of the pressure washer per minute. The higher the GPM number, the higher the power of the washing machine. To get a better measure of a washing machine's cleaning power, multiply these two numbers together as a simple comparison.

5. Hose

High-pressure washer hoses are not as long as possible. A longer hose means a decrease in output pressure. For hot water high-pressure cleaners, you can choose hoses reinforced with steel braids. Although the hose will get hot, it is unlikely to burst when it is reinforced with steel.

There are different types of spray rods, and they are usually made of strong stainless steel metal. However, one thing you should remember is that you need to hold the wand in your hand. Choose models with plastic guns or other materials that will not overheat during operation.

6. Nozzle

The nozzle is used to control the shape of the water flow, change the pressure of the water flow, and so on. Most high-pressure washer nozzles are made with a quick-connect system, and they can be safely stored when not in use. There are five different nozzle heads to choose from, and they are usually color-coded in a standard way.

  • Red = 0 degrees

  • Yellow = 15 degrees

  • Green = 25 degrees

  • White = 40 degrees

  • Black = chemical nozzle (soap, detergent)

Precautions for the use of hot water pressure washer

  • Before starting the machine, be sure to check the pump and engine oil levels.

  • Please make sure that the burner is full of water before turning on the water heating.

  • Take care to prevent burns.

  • Choose the right nozzle to avoid damage to the items you clean by water pressure

  • Do not operate gasoline and diesel pressure washers in enclosed spaces.

  • Use only suitable fuel types recommended by the manufacturer, and ensure that only clean fuels are used.

Maintenance skills of hot water pressure washer

  • Although BISON hot water pressure washer is manufactured with the highest quality components, you can extend its working time if it is properly maintained. The following are our main maintenance tips:

  • The pump oil is changed approximately every 250 hours of work or every three months.

  • Every month, check the air filter to make sure it is not too dirty and dusty, and clogged.

  • Replace the fuel filter every three to six months.

  • If you plan to store the pressure washer for several weeks or longer, drain the water and detergent.

Frequently asked questions about hot water pressure washer

1. Can you use cold water in a hot water pressure washer?

Yes, you can turn off the heating system while in use.

2. Can I hook my pressure washer up to hot water?

Can not. The hot water pressure washer is specially designed for hot water use. Using hot water may severely damage the equipment, may cause damage to the pump, or melt the seals. If you really want to use hot water, then you will need a pressure washer designed for this purpose.

3. Do you need soap for a pressure washer?

Yes, although hot water can greatly improve the cleaning power, if you use soap, it may mean that the work can be completed faster. The detergent helps to remove stubborn dirt and stains that cannot be removed by water alone.

We hope that our hot water pressure washer wholesale guide can help you choose the ideal model for your business. If you still have some questions, please feel free to contact us.on and edit away. Or, click the Write button and compose something new.

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