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How to wholesale leaf blower


There are many different types of leaf blower manufacturers on the market, but different markets have different preferences. How to choose a more suitable leaf blower factory for your customers, please see the following points:


Different energy types of BISON leaf blowers

This is the most basic classification, which determines the style preferences of consumers, the wholesale amount, and the probability of repurchase. BISON blowers are typically powered in one of three ways: gasoline, electric (wired), electric (battery).


Gasoline leaf blowers 

Gasoline leaf blowers are considered the best option for removing leaves. They generate a lot of electricity and are therefore efficient, easy to run and relatively inexpensive. Because they have an actual engine that makes a lot of power, that means they tend to be noisier than other options and require regular maintenance. BISON offers cost-effective 2-stroke and 4-stroke gasoline leaf blowers that work efficiently.


Corded electric leaf blowers 

Corded electric leaf blowers are definitely the cheapest option if the customer is using a corded electric leaf blower within 100 feet of an electrical outlet, BISON corded electric leaf blowers are very lightweight, easy to start, quiet and emission free.

Battery electric leaf blowers 

BISON battery leaf blowers are a great option if customers want the convenience of a hand-held leaf blower without the limitations of gasoline maintenance or cords. The only downside is that there is a gap between the work efficiency and the other two categories, because they are limited by battery charging. BISON wireless battery leaf blower provides 24V Makita battery to ensure the working time of the leaf blower.


Different styles assortment

Handheld Leaf Blower

Handheld leaf blowers can usually handle most jobs. They are very light and easy to handle. Designed for one-handed use, easy to use, if your market is more for small garden use, BISON hand-held leaf blower is recommended.

Backpack Leaf Blower

Another type of leaf blower worth checking out is the knapsack leaf blower. Typically, they are heavier than hand-held leaf blowers, but the load falls on the user's back and shoulders and is therefore more evenly distributed, while they are larger in size and contain more impact. If your target customers are more for large-scale agricultural operations, consider a knapsack leaf blower.

Wheel Leaf Blower

Finally, wheel leaf blowers are probably the most expensive, heaviest, and loudest leaf blowers you can buy. Their power and blowing ability are worth it, especially if your client needs it for commercial work or large areas, it will save a lot of time.

And BISON wheel leaf blowers can handle more than just leaves, such as removing cardboard, solid debris, and even metal trim.


Noise level

The volume of sound produced by leaf blowers is measured in decibels and depends on the power they produce and how far the user is standing. If your clients live mostly in residential areas, they won't want to use a noisy machine for routine tasks like cleaning gutters or lawns, as it can get very noisy and upset the neighbors, it's best for your Customers choose silent leaf blowers, such as the bison electric leaf blower. Of course if the clients live in remote areas, that's not a problem. BISON's leaf blowers can be equipped with a silent unit, with a decibel rating (dBA) usually appropriate to the laws in your area.


Units of CFM (cubic feet per minute) and MPH (miles per hour) values can determine the power of a leaf blower.

MPH measures the speed of air through the blade vacuum. If your leaf vacuum has 250 mph, that means the air drawn into your leaf is moving at 250 mph. High MPH will make the leaves come out of the barrel faster.

CFM is the amount of air flowing out of the blower tube in one minute. This tells you how far it can push debris in an area, it doesn't necessarily mean that the blowing power will be high. CFM measures how much air is vacuumed through your blades. If your blade vacuum has a capacity of 400 CFM, this means that the blade vacuum absorbs 400 cubic feet of air per minute.

Battery Life

This is not a problem if you plan to use the leaf blower for small jobs, but if the area is large, you will need something that can last the entire job. BISON wireless electric leaf blower provides a battery charging plug with fast charging function to ensure the continuous completion of leaf blowing work.



Another factor that customers consider before purchasing a leaf blower is its comfort level. This is not a vanity metric. BISON provides leaf blowers with ergonomic handles, which are more stable and better distribute weight to meet the needs of consumers for long-term use.


Here are 6 key points about leaf blowers, BISON is a professional leaf blower manufacturer in China, we design, develop, produce leaf blowers, can provide real factory videos and 24 hours manual service. If you want wholesale, please contact us for quote.

Customers of leaf blowers care about these issues:

Can a cordless leaf blower also be used to remove snow?

The cordless leaf blower can be used on the highest speed setting to remove light powder snow less than an inch thick. However, they cannot be used to clear thick, wet snow because they lack power. If this is the type of snow in your area, consider using a snow shovel or snow blower.


Why is the leaf blower so loud?

It is harder to make an extremely silent leaf blower because of how it works, the noise of the leaf blower is not caused by the leaf blower itself, but by the air being blown out, the air is very fast and dense, so it Make some noise.


Are air leaf blowers restricted? 

If you're planning to buy a gas blower, be sure to check for any restrictions or regulations in your area. Hundreds of cities across the country have passed legislation restricting the use of gas leaf blowers, including time limits and noise level limits.

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