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How to hang a leaf blower


While BISON leaf blower is a convenient tool, storing it can be problematic due to its size, especially if you need more storage space. Therefore, organization and proper setup are necessary to ensure efficiency and avoid any confusion.


Why hang a leaf blower?

There are a variety of reasons for hanging a leaf blower, including:

Save Space: Wall-mounting the leaf blower helps save valuable floor space in your garage or storage shed, making it more organized and tidy.

Easy Access: Hang the leaf blower at an appropriate height, so you can easily reach for it when you need it, without opening other tools or equipment.

Protection: Hanging the leaf blower off the ground helps protect it from potential damage, such as being accidentally kicked or stepped on.

Air circulation: Storing your leaf blower off the ground allows for better air circulation around the unit, which helps prevent moisture buildup and potential rust.

Aesthetics: Hanging the leaf blower neatly on the wall can improve the overall appearance and organization of the storage area.

Can you hang a leaf blower in the garage?

The garage is one of the best places to store a leaf blower. This is a great way to protect your device from any theft or weather issues. Some homes already have an attached or detached garage, so there is no extra cost to store a leaf blower.

But it's also important to ensure your garage isn't filled with various items, which can increase the chances of damage to your leaf blower. Let's take a look at some ways to hang a leaf blower in your garage.

Hook up

One of the simplest and most practical methods to keep a leaf blower in the garage is to hang it on a hook. This approach will reduce the chance of damage or wear to the leaf blower and prevent people from tripping over it.

Existing shelf

Nothing beats a storage shelf for your leaf blower if you don't want to install any hooks or you already have shelves. If you are storing a gasoline leaf blower, placing it with the engine facing down is recommended.

However, before doing so, remember that leaf blowers are bulky. So make sure you have enough space on your shelves and that they aren't too tall.

On the floor

If your garage is spacious or there are no other options available, placing the leaf blower on the floor may be the only viable option. To ensure the leaf blower is safely stored on the ground, place it engine side down.

Make sure you don't leave equipment in the middle of the garage, so people only trip over it sometimes. Instead, clean out a corner of the garage and remove all clutter. This will allow you to easily reach the leaf blower and keep the space clean and dry.


Workbenches are large, sturdy tables used for manual work. If you can, install a good-sized workbench with plenty of space underneath.

This way, you can store the leaf blower in the storage space, work on the bench, or keep other tools and items.


If your garage is full, there's still room for your leaf blower—the ceiling. If you know how to use it, ceiling storage can be a terrific area to keep things.

Wall-mounted storage rack

Just like ceiling storage, there are wall-mounted storage racks for when your garage is running low on space. The wall-mounted storage rack is durable and has plenty of room for larger equipment like a leaf blower.

Plus, you can use the wall space to store your backpack leaf blower and make sure your leaf blower doesn't get any damage.

Creating a wall shelf is also a great option if you want to store more than just a leaf blower.

Wall mount

Another viable option for those short on space is the leaf blower wall mount, which is a wall mount that attaches to the wall. You can set your leaf blower there in a designated area.

Wall mounts usually take up little space. However, it's important to know how to drill holes in the wall to create a secure wall mount for your leaf blower.

To hang a leaf blower, choose a strong, accessible wall location and use heavy-duty hooks or brackets that can support its weight. Keep cords and accessories organized with additional hooks or storage solutions. This will help you save space and maintain a tidy workspace.

Other questions about hang a leaf blower

How do I create a shelf to store my leaf blower?

You can employ various do-it-yourself (DIY) options to create your own leaf blower rack. You can also choose from various designs to build your shelf and customize its size and number of compartments.

Choose wood type (hardwood, softwood, or plywood). Measure vertical distance between ceiling and top shelf, leaving an even number of inches. Leave enough space between last shelf and floor for heavy items. Cut and split wood, install ledger, install screws on studs, and screw into wood.

Your shelf is now ready. Go ahead and start storing your leaf blower.

How to maintain a leaf blower?

Just like any other outdoor equipment, leaf blowers require maintenance. Here are some tips to help you keep your leaf blower looking like new.

  • Every time you use your leaf blower, be sure to clean it with a damp cloth.

  • Remember to clean the area around the filter, fan blades and carburettor.

  • Check the air filter regularly for blockages and other debris.

  • If your leaf blower has a battery charger or a cord, disconnect or unplug it after each use.

  • If your leaf blower gets wet, dry it thoroughly with a dry towel or cloth after wiping off all the water.

  • Always empty the fuel or put in a fuel stabilizer before storing the leaf blower.


Hanging a leaf blower is a simple way to keep it organized and out of the way. Using the instructions on this list on how to hang a leaf blower in your garage, you now have various options to optimize your storage while keeping your equipment safe. Now, you can easily hang your leaf blower in your garage, shed, or other storage area.

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