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electric brush cutter
electric brush cutter
electric brush cutter
electric brush cutter
electric brush cutter

electric brush cutter

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electric brush cutter details

With BISON electric brush cutter, you can easily trim small areas around the garden, the edge of the lawn, and the edge of the flower bed. Their particularly quiet motors make them ideal for all thinning operations in areas with noise problems.

Features of electric brush cutter

  1. Powerful electric trimmer: Use the Bison electric brush cutter to turn any overgrown outdoor lawn into a charming, well-manicured space. It can cut tall grass, weeds, etc., and you can trim the edges to ensure that every corner is clean and tidy.
  2. Lawnmower: Don't let long grass block the mower or waste time emptying the waste container-use the lawnmower attachment on this dynamic tool for consistent cutting. The steel cutting blade has a cutting width of 380 mm, which can help you easily pass through overgrown areas-suddenly, seemingly heavy work seems easier to handle.

Electric brush cutter specification



Cutting Line

1.6mm x 5m

Grass Cutting Dia.

380 mm

Rated Power

7000 rpm


P Handle



Cutting Line

1.6mm x 5m

Outer Packing size




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electric brush cutter Faq

Is the electric brush cutter easy to use?

In terms of power, the power of the electric brush cutter is relatively small. However, they make up for this by being lighter, quieter, and easier to handle. Petroleum and gasoline brush cutters are considered powerful, but they are noisier and heavier.

Is there an electric brush cutter?

Electric brush cutters are suitable for cutting back weeds and thick scrubs. Electric brush cutters are usually fitted with strong nylon lines and have loop handles.

electric brush cutter factory

Founded in 2015, BISON is a China modern brush cutter factory integrating design, manufacturing, wholesale, outlet services. For importers, any electric brush cutter types can be found at BISON.

Here are the key reasons why we are so good at satisfying our customers.

  • √ During 7 years of development, we often participate in different exhibitions.
  • √ All pictures, videos and manuals are available and you can also find them on the website.
electric brush cutter factory

Other brush cutters purchased by our customers

BISON not only wholesales electric brush cutter, but also exports other brush cutters in bulk. Not looking for that? no problem! A few of our customers favorites are displayed on the left.

No matter the appearance, specifications or brand in the picture, everything can be customized to fit your needs. If you are also a electric brush cutter manufacturer, BISON also offers cheap electric brush cutter parts.

When we export , BISON also provides photos, videos, instructions to help you sell better. Want to request a quote? Contact BISON today.

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