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generator alternator
generator alternator
generator alternator

generator alternator

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generator alternator details

The BISON alternator is a generator that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy in the form of alternating current. For cost and simplicity reasons, most alternators use a rotating magnetic field with a fixed armature. Sometimes, a linear alternator or a rotating armature with a fixed magnetic field is used. In principle, any alternator can be called an alternator, but usually, the term refers to small rotating machines driven by automobiles and other internal combustion engines.

An alternator that uses permanent magnets as its magnetic field is called a magneto. The alternator in a power station driven by a steam turbine is called a turbo alternator. Large 50 or 60 Hz three-phase alternators in power plants produce most of the world electricity, which is distributed by the grid.

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generator alternator Faq

What is the alternator in the generator?

The alternator is the heart of the generator. An alternator is a part of a generator that generates electrical energy from the mechanical energy provided to it by the engine. The alternator includes a stator(a stationary part) and a rotor(a moving part).

How does the alternator work?

The alternator includes a stator(a stationary part) and a rotor(a moving part). When these two components work together, a relative movement between the magnetic field and the electric field is generated, which in turn generates electricity.

generator alternator factory

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generator alternator factory

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