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commercial pressure cleaner
commercial pressure cleaner
commercial pressure cleaner
commercial pressure cleaner
commercial pressure cleaner

commercial pressure cleaner

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commercial pressure cleaner details

BISON commercial pressure cleaner are designed to meet the needs of businesses. They use better electric motors, high-pressure pumps and better components. They are equipped with premium hose, stainless steel spray gun and brass fittings. However, Commercial high-pressure cleaners with higher power tend to be heavier. The wheels can help you move the power washer.

High-strength commercial electric pressure washers use ultra-high pressure water to perform various cleaning tasks, such as remove mould, dust, dirt and dirt from houses, decks, boats, cars, lawn equipment and both sides of driveways. It can also remove loose paint and clean up large commercial spaces such as livestock pens, construction sites and warehouses.

BISON recommend that you choose a more powerful electric commercial pressure cleaner to ensure that you can successfully complete any of your cleaning tasks. Commercial models are more durable and perform better, especially during prolonged cleaning. These machines are mainly suitable for cleaning companies and car wash shops. For them, commercial pressure cleaner is usually worthwhile to invest some extra capital to buy a commercial grade washing machine. The ultra-efficient electric washing machine can turn arduous and timely work into easy and fun work.

BISON has a wealth of experience when it comes to the manufacture and supply of water blasters and pressure cleaners (also known as high pressure water cleaners). We supply commercial and industrial products that can be used for building maintenance, surface preparation, equipment wash down, drain and sewer cleaning and more. If you’re serious about your business and getting the most value for your money. we’d suggest upgrading to pressure washers designed specifically for commercial and industrial use as they have longer product lives, are more efficient and pay for themselves in no time at all.

Features of electric commercial high pressure cleaner

Low noise and no exhaust
The pressure of the electric commercial high-pressure cleaner is slightly lower than that of the diesel or gasoline commercial cleaner of the same level, but it is usually less noisy. Because it does not require chemical fuels, it does not produce exhaust gas and can be used in professional kitchens or food companies.

Low maintenance requirements
As we all know, the engine will have some needs when it is used frequently, but the electric motor requires almost no trouble. Electric high-pressure cleaners require lower maintenance costs.

Sockets and wires are a must
No matter where you want to clean, there must be a power supply. This also reduces the flexibility of the pressure washer.

commercial pressure cleaner specification

Rated Pressure230
Max Pressure250
TypeThree phase 7.5KW 380V 50Hz
Pump modelBS-PE250
LanceG01 Length: 0.75-1M
Nozzle4 nozzles 0° 15° 25° 40°
HoseH03 Length: 10M
Quick connecter2.0M
Gross Weight88kg
Container 20'/40'112/244sets
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commercial pressure cleaner Faq

What PSI pressure washer do I need for commercial use?
2,000 to 3,000 PSI

What are commercial pressures?

What is the best thing to clean concrete with?
Five Concrete Cleaning Products To Use
  1. Soda. Soda can be used to remove grease stains. ...

  2. Detergent. This is recommended for smaller grease spills. ...

  3. Vinegar and Baking Soda. Cleaning concrete with vinegar or baking soda is a good option if you are looking for a natural cleaner. ...

  4. Concrete Cleaner or Degreaser. ...

  5. Bleach.

commercial pressure cleaner factory

Founded in 2015, BISON is a China modern electric pressure washer factory integrating design, manufacturing, wholesale, outlet services. For importers, any commercial pressure cleaner can be found at BISON.

Here are a few of the reasons why you should choose us for your business building needs:

  • √ Establish long term relations with 100+ global, happy customers from more than 60 countries.
  • √ Strong design capabilities, our team meets your unique ideas.
  • √ BISON has ISO9001, BSCI, SONCAP, EURO 5 and other different certifications.
commercial pressure cleaner factory

Best electric pressure washers according to our clients

In addition to , BISON also wholesales other commercial pressure cleaner. Not looking for that? no problem! A few of our customers favorites are displayed on the left.

No matter the appearance, specifications or brand in the picture, everything can be customized to fit your needs. And we also provide a wide range of commercial pressure cleaner accessories.

When we export , BISON also provides photos, videos, instructions to help you sell better. Contact BISON immediately to wholesale .

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