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Dual fuel generator


Compare our diverse range of BISON generators to find the best dual fuel generator model. Dual fuel generators are the perfect power wheel kit and fuel source for your home. Our dual-fuel generators are portable generators that provide running power anytime, anywhere. From prepping your RV to powering equipment as large as a snow blower, our dual-fuel generators offer the right power for your equipment.

Dual fuel generator

Dual fuel generator

What is a dual-fuel generator?

Dual-fuel generators can be switched from running on gasoline to running on propane. Most models only use the fuel select knob to switch between the two fuel types.

For amazing versatility, tri-fuel generators can switch between propane, gasoline, and natural gas. These don't have a fuel selection knob, but switching between fuel types is still relatively simple.

Whether you turn on a dual-fuel generator or a tri-fuel generator, make sure to clear the old fuel from the engine first.

Benefits of dual fuel generators

a) Peace of mind

You may rest easy knowing that you will always have power thanks to dual fuel generators. Gasoline supply disruptions can occur as a result of natural disasters like hurricanes or earthquakes. If you're relying on that one fuel, you're probably limited to what you store at home.

You plug in the propane tank with a dual-fuel portable generator. Most appliances come with a connector that allows you to use the same tank (20-30 Ib) as the grill.

Even if you don't have a propane tank on hand in an emergency, you can get it at gas stations, hardware stores, grocery stores, and more. Also, propane can be stored for much longer than gasoline, years in fact.

b) Reliability

Having two fuel types available means, you may not run out of options. Gasoline may be your handy option, but propane can be stored for longer and serves as a good backup. In fact, a tank with propane will deteriorate before the actual gas does.

Propane is also safer than gasoline, which is more flammable and more prone to spill in garages. Sealed in its tank, propane presents a little risk in ordinary conditions. The tank can also be easily refilled or replaced.

c) Economical

The benefit of fuel generators using two different fuels is that their engines are not only easily operable but also easy to maintain. Also, they are economical because consumption is low no matter what fuel you use. If you want to maximize energy output, you might consider purchasing this generator. You can run them even with low fuel levels. Therefore, they are cost-effective in operating your equipment.

d) Suitable for different terrains

The benefit of the dual fuel generator is that it will be very useful in areas with freezing winters and hot summers. The reason is that when you take the example of a generator with gasoline as one of the fuels, this fuel burns better at freezing temperatures than other fuels, propane. However, propane is a better fuel source in hotter regions. This type of generator would be a smart investment choice in areas where natural disasters are likely. The reason is that natural disasters reduce access to certain types of fuels.

e) No need to store expensive fuel

One of the most significant advantages of a dual fuel generator is that it will eliminate the requirement to store an unnecessary amount of expensive fuel. The reason is that you have two kinds of fuel. When one fuel is fully used, you can easily switch generator mode to use another. So when a generator runs on one fuel, you have time to buy a second fuel. If the price of fuel fluctuates daily where you reside, you can choose to purchase fuel at a relatively competitive price on the day. As you know, you don't need to buy specific fuels in bulk, as fuels should be stored with great care.

f) Dual fuel generator with conversion kit

Some third-party manufacturers offer fuel conversion kits that, for example, allow you to convert a dedicated gasoline portable generator to a propane generator using a generator propane conversion kit.

Since these kits are usually not designed by the generator manufacturer, they may not work properly with your generator, void your warranty, or create a safety hazard.

If you want to switch back and forth between gasoline and propane, you might opt for dual fuel. The price difference between a non-dual-fuel and a dual-fuel generator probably won't be much more than the cost of a conversion kit, so it also makes economic sense.

BISON dual fuel generators offer the following benefits:

● Very economical power generation - saves fuel costs and low operating costs

● Reduced fuel storage

● Reduce gas emissions

● Complete flexibility - precise control of diesel and gas ensures optimum performance under all operating conditions, even when no gas is available.

2000 Watt Inverter Generator

2000 Watt Inverter Generator

Features of BISON dual fuel generators

● Individual governor settings for diesel, gas, and transmission modes

● Suitable for different gas qualities such as natural gas, landfill gas, sewage gas, etc.

● Fixed or variable (load dependent) diesel-gas fuel combination

● Automatically switch to diesel mode operation if gas supply fails

● Advanced diesel-gas mode transmission sequence

● Diesel assist in alternate gas mode

● The generator set is less sensitive to high temperatures and can operate in a wide temperature range and humidity

● Automatically select mode based on current conditions

Why dual fuel generators?

Dual fuel generators are convenient at home, especially in areas where the electricity supply is unreliable or you are off-grid. Emergencies of all kinds, power shortages, and natural disasters can happen instantly, and it's always good to have a plan B.

In contrast to other types of generators, dual fuel generators rely on two fuels: gasoline and propane or sometimes gasoline and diesel. They become more affordable and reliable as a result. The trick is that the fuel isn't completely mixed. Rather, it's an engine that switches modes based on the conditions it needs to work.

Purchasing guide for dual fuel generators

Here, you can learn more about the different attributes of dual fuel generators and determine which dual-fuel generator you need most. Make sure you read the purchasing guide in its entirety to make an accurate selection.

1. Fuel capacity

Since dual-fuel generators are powered by gasoline and propane, they have dedicated tanks to store fuel. Not all tanks are the same, as each tank has its own capacity. This capacity is in gallons. A 10-gallon tank, for instance, has a maximum fuel capacity of 10 gallons.

Having a large capacity tank will benefit you in many ways. If you have a large gas tank, you don't have to worry about refueling the generator from time to time. You can enjoy uninterrupted power output.

2. Rated and peak output

When you buy a generator as a backup power source, you must pay attention to the power available at the generator output. There are 2 different output ratings on every dual fuel generator, rated output and peak output. But these values are different for gasoline and propane. So you will find 4 different output values on each generator.

This can be confusing, but don't worry. When purchasing a generator, you will automatically get a higher operating watt output if you only consider peak generator capacity for both fuels. For example, if you opt for high-peak gasoline, you'll automatically get higher propane peaks and higher operating watts.

3. Generator size

If you wish to move generators for different applications, this can be a major aspect. If you are considering a heavy duty generator, make sure to take the size and weight of the generator into account.

In most cases, heavy duty generators are larger and heavier than low power generators. Therefore, moving a heavy duty dual fuel generator, especially when the tank is full, can be a challenging task. On the other hand, if the generator is compact in size, you will notice that the power capacity and fuel capacity will be lower.

4. Noise level

Dual fuel generators get powered by the internal combustion of gasoline or propane. Since this combustion is a continuous process, the generator generates noise when it is running. It is impossible to find a fuel generator that runs silently. However, you can definitely opt for a less noisy dual-fuel generator.

If the generator makes unbearable noise, it can create a lot of disturbance that can affect your application. Therefore, you should always consider a generator with a lower noise level. Also, keep in mind that if you plan to use propane as your primary fuel, you don't need to worry about noise levels, as propane is relatively quiet.

5. Engine efficiency

Each dual-fuel generator incorporates an engine that burns gasoline or propane to generate energy. While many power output ratings may look similar, fuel consumption varies based on engine efficiency. Engine efficiency basically represents the efficiency with which fuel is consumed to generate energy.

If the engine is not efficient, you will run out of fuel very quickly. In addition, you will face a lot of harmful exhaust gas from improperly burning fuel. So even if you use a low-powered engine, make sure it's efficient in terms of fuel consumption.

6. Other important features

You can find many functions in a dual fuel generator. Before choosing the suitable model for you, consider which features are most important to you and which ones you can leave out. Here are some features to be aware of in generators:

a) Auto Shutdown CO

This safety feature automatically shuts down your generator if dangerous levels of gas buildup are detected. This feature is essential to keep you and your family safe.

b) Electric start

Electric start doesn't require you to pull the engine, push a button to start the generator.

c) Auto Start

If your generator is going to power your home in the event of a power outage, you may want to auto start. If the power to your home goes off, it will automatically turn on your generator.

d) Fuel gauge

When your generator has a fuel gauge, you can easily check it to see how much gas or propane is left, so you know when to refuel.

e) Multiple outlets

With multiple outlets on your dual fuel generator, you can plug in multiple items or appliances and spread out the wattage usage.

f) Low oil level shutdown

This feature automatically shuts off when the oil level drops below a certain level, protecting your generator from damage.


1. How do dual fuel generators work?

A dual-fuel generator operates the same way as a single-fuel generator, except that it burns propane and gasoline to generate electricity. The generator produces electricity by forcing electric charge movement from mechanical energy created by burning fuel.

2. Which fuel costs less to power a generator: propane or natural gas?

Propane gas is cheaper than gasoline, nearly impossible to spill, burns cleaner, and reduces engine wear and tear over time. Invest in propane gas whenever possible to save some money in the short and long term.

3. Can you run a dual fuel generator with natural gas?

While some single-fuel generators can work on natural gas, this is not the case with dual-fuel generators. Dual fuel generators, unless specifically constructed, do not consume natural gas and cannot be used for this.

4. How long do dual fuel generators run on propane?

Fuel type does not determine run time; it is a specific product's fuel efficiency and tank capacity. However, on average, a standard dual-fuel generator runs on propane for about 8 to 10 hours.

5. How do you connect a dual-fuel generator to your house?

Installing a dual-fuel generator in your home is not difficult if you have the correct instructions. Let's have a look at the step-by-step guide on how to use a dual-fuel generator to power your home:

Before the generator can be used, the transfer switch needs to be installed by an electrician. These switches let you power a specific number of circuits in your home by connecting your generator to the circuit breaker.

● Place your generator outside or on a flat surface about 20 feet from your home.

● Make sure you have enough gasoline or propane to run the selected circuits.

● Start your generator, then plug in the device or circuit that will draw the most power than any other device or tool.

● Refuel as needed.

6. Are dual fuel generators quieter on propane?

A generator that runs on gasoline is generally louder than one that runs on propane because the energy needed to burn propane fuel is lower.

7. How do you properly recycle an old dual-fuel generator?

As with most outdoor tools and large household appliances, they should be taken to a local recycling facility for recycling.

8. What happens if the dual-fuel inverter generator is overloaded?

There are many generators on the market that can prevent the engine from overloading with the proper use of circuit breakers.

If the engine is overloaded, the circuit breaker is present, and it will trip, eventually stopping the flow of power to protect your generator and other equipment connected to it. The circuit breaker only needs 10 seconds to cool down, and then you can reset your machine by pressing the circuit breaker's button again.

9. Can you use a dual-fuel inverter generator with an extension cord?

Yes, you can run a portable generator on an extension cord. Also, you have to use a smaller extension cord because longer extension cords can cause voltage drops.

For every 10 meters of wire, there is a 2-3 voltage drop. 20 meters of wire has a voltage drop of 5 to 6; if you use 30 meters of wire, there is a voltage drop of 8 to 10 volts. Therefore, it is not recommended to use long extension cords with your portable dual-fuel inverter generator.

10. What happens if the amount of oil used in the dual-fuel generator is inadequate?

When operating a portable generator, having inadequate oil could cause the engine's drag to increase. As the resistance increases, the oil may leak out, and white smoke may be emitted from the exhaust panel.

This may end up making its performance less efficient. When your product is low in oil, a warning system reactivates to warn you of low oil.

Find the right dual-fuel generator from BISON

At BISON, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with quality and affordable dual-fuel generators.

Our knowledgeable industry professionals can assist you in identifying the generators and products that best suit your requirements and price range.

To learn more about BISON, please fill out our contact form or call us at (+86) 17380831819 with any questions or concerns.

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