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8 Generator Types Which Everyone Ought To Know


The fuel for the generator has many options, including gasoline, diesel, propane (LPG) or natural gas. Some engines can also be run with dual fuel of diesel and LPG. BISON has a variety of commercial generators, some of which are designed for household use, while others are used in industry. These are some of the most common and popular generator types. Each type has its own unique characteristics, qualities, uses, advantages and disadvantages.

Diesel generator

Diesel generators, means they are fueled by diesel instead of gasoline. Diesel is a non-flammable chemical fuel. The generator uses a combination of a diesel engine and a generator to generate electrical energy. Diesel generators are famous for their durability, maintenance and longevity. Because the combustion temperature of diesel is much lower than gasoline, it greatly reduces the heat and excessive burden of the engine. As long as they are properly maintained, they can work for a long time even in harsh environments or under heavy use. Wholesale diesel generators also have cost advantages: because diesel generators are more fuel-efficient than gasoline-powered models. In the long run, you will spend less on fuel. However, please keep in mind that diesel generators produce harmful emissions, which may be toxic if inhaled.

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Gasoline Generator

Gasoline generator is also called "gas generator", and they are probably the most common of all types of generators. Gasoline is a more efficient fuel than propane or natural gas, but it is less efficient than diesel. These generators are usually small in size, so they are very portable. After all, portability is their obvious advantage over other types of generators. According to their power output, you can easily choose gasoline generators according to your needs.

Some of the main uses of gasoline generators include household use, campgrounds, workplaces, and various other purposes. Their low price tags also make them the most common and most popular type of generator on construction sites. On the downside, gasoline generators tend to be very loud and require extensive and almost regular maintenance. The shelf life of gasoline is relatively short. If you don't use generators often, consider adding fuel stabilizers to gasoline. Please also note that a major power outage will also affect local gas stations, and there may be fuel shortages.

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LPG (propane) generator

The working model of LPG generators is very similar to other types of generators. Unlike gasoline and diesel, propane does not degrade during storage. Therefore, this is a viable option for people who rarely or occasionally use generators. Propane generators are very popular in recreational applications such as camping, RVs, and even emergency backups, and are generally cheaper than other models, and fuel is easily available. BISON new gas generator series consists of three types of generators, powered by butane, propane or liquefied petroleum gas, and provide the possibility of dual fuel or triple fuel. Gas generator is a less common type of generator. Due to its numerous advantages, it is gradually occupying a place in the market.

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Portable generator

Portable generators are an excellent choice for producing temporary electricity. They have different power configurations suitable for different types of uses and are very useful in various applications. Small, compact, and easy to move, their small size means these generators can be easily stored in the vehicle until they are needed.

Portable power generators have a wide range of uses, mainly for construction teams in remote areas to supply power to tools and lamps. Many businesses and residents will use portable generators during emergency power outages. They use these generators to maintain power for important equipment, such as refrigerators, phones, and lights.

However, these generators sacrifice electricity production for mobility, so they cannot generate the same amount of energy as large backup generators. Their reduced size and capacity mean that portable generators are more affordable.

Portable Gasoline Generator

Backup(Standby) generator

The role of the backup generator is to automatically start when the power grid fails. These generators can sense or detect a power outage in just a few seconds, and they respond almost immediately, so the entire outage duration is actually very short. These are very useful for apartments, restaurants, hotels, hospitals and companies connected to the grid.

These generators can run on diesel or natural gas, and they have a large external fuel tank that can be used for at least 48 hours. Backup generators are sometimes equipped with a WiFi connection, allowing users to monitor the status of the generator through a mobile app. In addition to cost, the main disadvantage of backup generators is that they require regular maintenance to ensure normal operation in the event of a power outage.

The high price of backup generators makes them completely different from portable generators. Backup generators are usually installed outside the house and can provide electricity to the entire family in an emergency.

Inverter generator

The generator has always been called a big and heavy machine, however, with the invention of the inverter generator, this view has changed a lot. Compared with traditional generators, inverter generators provide many advantages for their users. They are very quiet and hardly produce any noise during operation. A major feature of the inverter generator is that its engine speed is automatically adjusted according to the amount of electricity used. Fuel efficiency has also increased by 20%.

The inverter generator generates alternating current and converts the alternating current to the direct current by using a rectifier and then converts it to the alternating current, thereby providing a stable current for electrical appliances. This process may seem complicated, but it actually helps to create so-called clean energy. Therefore, it is suitable for sensitive electronic products such as mobile phones and laptops.

Compared with portable generators, they are expensive. And their power is not enough to power heavy machinery, tools, or even large houses. Inverter generators were initially sold to fishermen, hunters, and campers to help them bring the comfort of home into the outdoor space. After that, these generators became popular in the construction industry because they can help workers work long shifts without being disturbed by the noise and sound characteristics of other traditional generators.

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Dual fuel generator

The dual-fuel generator can run on gasoline or LPG (propane), and it allows the two fuels to be exchanged without stopping the engine. Switching between fuels is simple, and you are not limited by the availability of one fuel. If you are looking for a generator that can run continuously for several days, then a generator with alternative fuel options will provide you with the best solution. The dual-fuel generator can be used as a backup generator or as a power source for camping, caravans, and RVs. You can use them with any fuel on hand, but the power output will usually vary depending on the fuel used. For example, the starting power and total wattage of LPG are lower than gasoline.

Three-fuel generator (or multi-fuel generator)

The three-fuel generator has the same advantages as the dual-fuel generator, but with the additional choice of another suitable fuel. This extra versatility is very popular with people which can flexibly switch between propane, natural gas, and gasoline fuel sources. The tri-fuel generator is an ideal portable power solution that can be used as a backup power source for furnaces and sewage pumps in the event of a power outage, commercial applications that require continuous generator power, or simple household projects.

Each type of generator has its fair advantages and disadvantages, as well as unique functions and uses. Which generator you decide to wholesale depends entirely on your needs and requirements. All you need to do is weigh their pros and cons and evaluate your needs in order to make an informed decision.

If you want to find a suitable generator supplier in China to meet your wholesale needs. Please contact BISON. We are a generator factory in China, we can customize any kind of generator you want.

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