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How to install a generator set


The generator sets have a highly complex structure as an emergency backup power source. Users should pay attention to some problems at every stage, from purchasing generator sets to safety acceptance, especially during the installation. The following are the complete installation instructions for installing generator sets provided by BISON.


#1 Preparation work before installation of generator set

The user should pay attention to the lifting rope, which should be tied properly and lifted and put down gently during transportation. After the generator set arrives at the destination, it should be stored in a safe storage room. If there is no storage room, then it can be stored in the open air; for this case, the generator set should be raised to prevent rainwater from intruding, and the generator set should be covered with a rainproof tent to avoid the equipment from being damaged by the sun and rain.

Due to the bigger size and heavy weight of the generator set, the transportation route should be arranged before installation, and a transportation port should be reserved in the machine room. If the doors and windows need to be bigger, larger ports can be reserved at the doors and windows. After unit occupancy, repairs to brick walls and installation of windows and doors.

#2 Unpacking

Dust should be removed before opening the package to see if there is any damage. Check the package number and quantity, don’t damage the machine when you leave the package. After unpacking, the following operations should be performed:

  • Check all units and accessories according to the unit list and packing list;

  • Check whether the main dimensions of the generator set and accessories are consistent with the drawings and specifications. 

  • Check whether the generator set and its accessories are damaged or corroded;

After the generator set is opened, it must be kept horizontally. The flanges and various interfaces must be sealed and bandaged to prevent dust and rainwater from immersing.

#3 Line location

According to the relationship between the generator set and the center of the wall or column and the relationship between the generator set and other generator sets, the vertical and horizontal baselines of the generator set installation position are defined according to the relationship size of the generator set and the center of a wall or column. The allowable deviation between the center of the generator set and the center of the wall or column is 20mm, and the acceptable variation between the unit and the unit is 10mm.

Check the equipment, understand the design content and construction drawings, prepare materials according to the design drawings, and send the materials to the construction site in sequence according to the construction plan. Preparation of lifting equipment and installation tools

#4 Installation of generator sets

Measure the foundation and center line of the generator set. Before the generator set is put in place, draw the foundation, the centerline of the generator set and the position line of the shock absorber according to the “release line” on the drawing.

When hoisting, the generator set should be hoisted with steel wire ropes of sufficient strength and should not be installed on the shaft. It should also prevent oil pipes and dials from being touched. Lift the generator set as required, align the center line of the foundation and also the shock absorber, and level the pad of the generator set. 

There can be no gap between the pad iron and the seat so that the force is evenly applied. When installing the exhaust pipe, care should be taken that the exposed part of the exhaust pipe must not come into contact with wood or other flammable substances. Pipe extensions must allow thermal expansion, and pipes must be protected from rain, water, etc.

There are two ways to lay the exhaust pipe:

  • Horizontal overhead: the advantage is less resistance and less turning; the disadvantage is poor indoor heat dissipation and high room temperature.

  • Trench laying: the advantage is good indoor heat dissipation; many disadvantages turn to resistance.

The temperature of the exhaust pipe of the unit is high. To prevent the operator from being scalded and reduce the radiant heat to increase the temperature of the machine room, it is advisable to carry out an insulation treatment. The insulation material can be glass wool or aluminum silicate belt, which can play a role in heat insulation and noise reduction.

#5 Installation of an exhaust system

The exhaust system of the generator set includes the exhaust pipe connected to the outside of the engine room, which is associated with the muffler, bellows, flange, elbow, gasket and engine room joint according to the engine standard.

The exhaust system should minimize the number of elbows and shorten the total length of the exhaust pipe. Otherwise, the pressure of the exhaust pipe will increase, resulting in excessive power loss of the generator set. It will affect the regular operation of the generator set and reduce the average service life of the generator set.

The diameter of the exhaust pipe specified in the technical data of the generator set is usually based on the exhaust pipe with a total length of 6m, and at most, one elbow and one muffler can be installed. When the installation of the exhaust system exceeds the specified length and number of elbows, the diameter of the exhaust pipe should be appropriately increased. The increase depends on the total length of the exhaust pipe and the number of elbows.

When there are multiple generator sets in the machine room, remember that the exhaust system of each unit should be designed and installed independently. Different units are not allowed to share one exhaust pipe to avoid abnormal movement caused by other exhaust pressures during the operation of additional units, increase back exhaust pressure, prevent exhaust gas from flowing back through the shared pipe, affect the standard power output of the unit and even cause damage to the generator set.

#6 Electrical system installation

Cable laying method

Cable laying methods include direct burial, cable trench and wall laying.

Cable laying path selection

The following principles should be considered when selecting the laying route of cables:

  • The power path is the shortest, with the fewest turns;

  • Make the cable less damaged by factors such as mechanical, chemical and ground currents;

General requirements for cable laying

Cable laying must comply with relevant technical specifications’ planning and design requirements.

When the laying conditions permit, a margin of 1.5% or 2% may be considered for the cable length as a spare for maintenance, and the direct buried cable should be laid in a wave shape.

Buildings or structures introduced or drawn out by cables, where cables pass through floors and main walls, from cable trenches to poles, or cables laid along walls that are 2m higher. Surface and underground to a depth of 0.25 m. The cable is protected by a steel pipe, and the inner diameter of the steel pipe is not less than twice the outer diameter of the cable.


Can I install the generator set myself?

Installing a backup generator set is not a DIY job because the installation includes wiring, plumbing, and natural gas components. You must obtain an electrical permit to permanently connect a generator set to your home’s electrical system.

What is the difference between a generator set and a generator?

A generator is an integral part of a generator set—specifically, a generator is a mechanism that converts energy into electricity, and a generator set is a motor that drives a generator to power equipment.

How to connect a generator set to electricity?

Your generator set should have a cable running to your house. Plug it in, choose your desired voltage (if applicable), and turn the plug as you would the other end and outlet (about 15 degrees). Never plug a generator set directly into your home’s wall outlet or electrical wiring.



BISON has explained how to install a generator set successfully. If you have any questions or are looking for a generator set for your home or business operation, industrial application or facilities such as a data center, hospital, hotel, resort, restaurant or commercial real estate, please get in touch with BISON today!

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