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BISON pays attention to the noise problem of the pressure washers and can obtain the quieter pressure washer without sacrificing too much power. BISON is actively developing new and quieter pressure washers, and keep customer's hearing and mood intact during use.

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quiet pressure washer Wholesale Guide

Most people like the quiet high-pressure washer, whether your neighbour often washes the car loudly on Saturday morning, or you just want to have a conversation while cleaning the siding of your house. Here, we have a comprehensive understanding of the highlights of all our silent high-pressure cleaners.

Who needs a quiet pressure washer?

An ordinary pressure washer is very loud. For example, a typical household vacuum cleaner produces between 70 and 80 decibels of noise, while a high-pressure vacuum cleaner can produce 105 decibels of noise. Although there's no harm in using a noisy machine once in a while. However, if you work with such a loud pressure cleaner for a few hours, it can cause serious damage to your hearing and mood.


If you're someone who only uses a pressure washer for seasonal yard cleaning, chances are you won't be bothered by the noisy machine because you only use it occasionally. On the other hand, if you use a pressure washer regularly, more than once every few weeks, a quiet pressure washer may be just what your doctor needs to keep your hearing (and nerves) intact. Whether you need it to clean your car, bike, garage, siding, pool deck, patio, or similar, it's worth investing in a quality pressure washer if you must do it regularly.

The contractor

There are two main reasons contractors need to consider obtaining quieter pressure washer models:

Comfort of the people around the work environment

Health of workers operating machines.

Noise levels above 85 decibels can cause hearing damage in as little as eight hours. If you use a gasoline pressure washer, the machine may be louder than that, so your workers will be exposed to dangerous noise every time they work. However, there is no perfect professional high-pressure cleaning machine, which has no noise and can output huge pressure for a long time. BISON keeps the sound of a commercial gasoline pressure washer as low as possible, and if you can, you can opt for a quieter commercial electric pressure washer!

How quiet is the silent pressure washer?

Sadly, high-pressure cleaners will never be as silent or just buzzing as ordinary appliances. If the average noise of the pressure washer is less than 80dB, it is considered quiet. At that time or lower, you can use the machine as you like without having to equip your ears with protective equipment. For ordinary high-pressure cleaners, BISON absolutely recommends that you always wear protective equipment, or at least as far away from the machine as possible.

Quiet pressure washer buying guide

Decibel (dB) Rating

Typical gas-powered pressure washers can have decibel levels of 90 or higher, while electric models are usually between 60-80 decibels. Look for models with a decibel rating of 75 or lower for quieter operation.


First, consider the type of pressure washer you want. Electric pressure washers tend to be quieter than gas-powered washers, so if noise is a concern, choose an electric model. In addition to the type of washer, another factor to consider is the type of pump your pressure washer uses. Axial pumps tend to be louder than triplex pumps, so if noise is a concern, look for models with triplex pumps. They may be more expensive, but they offer quieter and smoother operations.

Water pressure

The pressure washer pump is responsible for pressurizing the water, and a motor or power powers it. Both the motor and the power are one of the noisiest components in the pressure washer, so the quieter pressure washer is also slightly weaker in terms of output pressure.

The power of all high-pressure cleaners is measured in two important units - GPM and PSI. You can get CP, or "cleaning ability", by multiplying the GPM and PSI ratings. 


Portability is important in high-pressure cleaners to varying degrees, depending on your specific needs. Most pressure washers have a wheel structure, which can help you use it in multiple locations. If you also purchase a hose and power cord storage system, it will really make your life easier.


Most quiet pressure washers are very compact. A typical electric quiet pressure washer uses an upright design, which is very convenient for most storage spaces.

In conclusion, when shopping for a quiet pressure washer, consider an electric model with a decibel rating of 75 or less, a triplex pump, and any other features you may need.

BISON prides itself on its expertise in producing high-quality, quiet pressure washers. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the durability, reliability and ease of use of our products. You can rest assured that you choose a quiet pressure washer from BISON. Whether for industrial, commercial or residential use, BISON has the perfect silent high-pressure cleaning solution to meet your needs.

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