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Earth Auger 101 | What is, Types, Uses, Benefits, Choose


Welcome to 'Earth Auger 101', a comprehensive guide that will dig deep into the world of this powerful and versatile tool. From unraveling its definition to categorizing its types, exploring its myriad uses, and unveiling its numerous benefits, this article is your one-stop destination to all things earth auger.

So whether you're a professional earth auger dealer, an enthusiastic DIYer, or just a curious reader, strap in for an intriguing journey into the heart of the ground beneath our feet.


Definition & history

An earth auger is a device in which a screw conveyor acts on a solid to move it upward or manipulate the material. Ordinary augers go deep into the ground and move dirt up to the surface. The earth auger attaches to machines such as skid steer vehicles or other auger-equipped vehicles. The equipment can be sold or rented as an accessory or stand-alone model with backhoes, cranes and other equipment.

As a simple machine, the earth auger has existed for centuries. Hand earth augers are manually operated and are often used for woodworking. As technology developed, more straightforward machines such as earth augers were connected to a motor or electric motor to become power tools. Backed by the steady application of automated power, an earth auger acts more like a large drilling rig.

What are the different types of earth augers?

Three types of earth augers can help you.

1) Hand earth augers

This is the simplest type of earth auger. They're lightweight, portable, and inexpensive, making them ideal for smaller jobs that require less effort, such as planting small trees and shrubs, gardening, or digging small holes. These augers typically have a cutting width of 4"-8", which makes them great for all small tasks.

2) One-man earth augers

If a hand earth auger isn't enough, a one-man earth auger might be right for you. It is either motor or battery-powered, which makes them ideal tools for jobs requiring deeper drilling. If you're digging 2 to 12 holes, this is the perfect tool for the job. The lightweight and easy-to-use design makes it ideal for planting a few trees, building a small fence, or drilling through thick ice.

3) Two-man earth augers

These are heavier than the one-man ones. A 2-stroke or 4-stroke engine usually powers these augers and requires two people to operate. A two-man earth auger is the perfect tool if you need to dig too many oversized holes.

Uses of the earth augers

Earth augers are incredibly versatile and can save you hours of hard work you would otherwise have to dig a deep hole for. In a commercial sense, earth augers are often used on construction sites to increase efficiency. Earth augers can also be used for smaller personal activities such as building fences, growing crops, ice fishing...

  • Install termite bait stations: Termites are a huge nuisance, but their presence is only sometimes visible. Subterranean infestation requires aggressive action. Using an earth auger can make installing termite bait stations easier.

  • Post-hole digging: Contractors can use them when installing decks, fencing, or other projects that require extensive excavation. Homeowners will find that an auger can make digging holes for garden easier.

  • Clearing clogs: An auger can clear straight sections of the drain. Use the correct size earth auger in the PVC drain to remove the clog.

  • Digging Horizontally: If you need to run a pipe or conduit under the sidewalk, an earth auger is the only way to make a hole without tearing out part of the sidewalk.

  • Tilling garden beds: The auger tool quickly weeds, loosens the soil, and removes larvae of unwanted pests from garden beds. Tilling with an auger can reduce your work for a new or large garden.

Benefits of using an earth auger

While there are many power tools available for digging holes, an earth auger offers a unique combination of speed, convenience, and accuracy. Here's why it's a great alternative to conventional methods. Its benefits make it a worthy investment for serious gardeners and professional landscapers alike.

  1. Speed: Earth augers are significantly faster than digging by hand or using post hole diggers. They can drill through soil in a matter of seconds, saving you a great deal of time.

  2. Convenience: Earth augers are easy to use and require less physical effort compared to manual digging. This makes them an excellent choice for large projects or for those who want to avoid the strain of manual labor.

  3. Accuracy: Earth augers create neat, uniform holes. This precision is particularly beneficial when installing fences or other structures that require exact measurements.

How to choose an earth auger?

Are you planning to plant a small garden, install fence posts, or drill holes for a major construction project? Do you need a steel auger for drilling in tough soil, or do you want an auger made of a lighter material like aluminum?

Choosing an earth auger can be a little challenging due to the variety of options. Key things to consider are the nature of the project, the proper auger size and power, the material it is made of, and the comfort it provides during use, among other things.

If you need to explore these in more depth or want to browse the various models, feel free to visit our comprehensive range and buying guide.


In conclusion, Earth Augers are a versatile and efficient tool, perfect for creating uniform holes with minimal effort.

We invite you to explore our range of BISON earth augers to find the one that best suits your needs. Our comprehensive product series and detailed buying guide are always available to aid you in your decision-making process.


People also ask about earth augers

What parts does an earth auger consist of?

An earth auger is a long auger bit attached to a handle or rod. The user holds the handle and turns the auger clockwise to create a hole. The size of the hole depends on the size of the auger bit. Earth augers can drill through wood, metal, dirt, and ice.

How deep can an earth auger drill?

Typical auger depths are around 900mm, but specific augers can be made in much smaller sizes. If you're looking for a bit that can drill deeper, extensions augers are available.

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