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how to use gasoline pressure washer


how to use gasoline pressure washer

Pressure washers use a pump to push water out at variable pressure, and the engine runs on gasoline. When you want to get a big cleaning job done, you need a powerful gasoline pressure washer that can remove most dirt quickly. BISON is a professional gasoline pressure washer factory in China, we support any customized function you want.

The pressure from the pressure washer is measured in PSI. Gasoline powered pressure washers typically put out more PSI pressure than electric models. Commercial gasoline pressure washers are great for the toughest stain and paint removal jobs. For the most difficult deep cleaning tasks, consider the BISON 3600 PSI High Pressure Cleaner. BISON's wholesale gasoline pressure washers help you clean dirt, grime, driveways and patios, dirty oil in garages, and similar cleaning tasks

Using a gasoline pressure washer is very simple. If this is your first use, you will need to assemble the device according to the user manual that came with the product.

How to use gasoline pressure washer

1. Check the oil

Before starting the gasoline pressure washer, make sure you have enough oil.

2. Fill up the fuel tank

This is a fairly simple step. All gasoline pressure washers require gasoline to operate.

3. Connect the gun

At the same time, the nozzle and the extension rod of the high-pressure washer must also be connected to the spray gun.

4. High pressure hose

The high-pressure hose can withstand higher water pressure. This is why you must use a high-pressure hose to connect the water outlet to the spray gun. Make sure all connections are tightened to avoid leakage.

5. Connect to the tap or water source

Please make sure your water is very clear. Otherwise, it may cause damage to the pressure washer. Tighten everything to prevent leakage.

6. Start your engine!

The last step is to turn on the gasoline pressure washer. Pull the start wire until you start the engine. Some high-pressure cleaners require 1 or 2 pulls, and some cannot start without 15 or 20 times. If your gasoline washer has an electric starter, it can greatly reduce your start-up time.

7. Let the cleaning begin

You can now use the pressure washer. Just align the position and press the trigger. As soon as you release the trigger, the water will stop flowing.

Safety Tips for Gasoline Pressure Washer

  • Just like any other equipment, safety precautions need to be taken when operating a gasoline pressure washer:

  • Please observe all safety instructions and warning labels on the pressure washer.

  • Always wear goggles and closed-toed shoes, and make sure that the sprayed water does not spray directly on you.

  • Before starting the cleaning work, be sure to find a flat, open area to place the high pressure washer, and never in an unventilated room.

  • Make sure to use the proper pressure and nozzle type to avoid damaging the surface of the object you want to clean.

  • Hold the spray gun assembly correctly and buckle the safety latch when not spraying. The safety latch prevents accidental spraying of water.

  • After turning off the pressure washer, be sure to release any pressure by squeezing the trigger before disconnecting the hose and nozzle.

  • The engine of a high-pressure washer can become very hot after a long period of use, so be careful when moving the washer.

BISON gasoline pressure washer can save time for cleaning tasks and make your life easier. We offer a variety of customization options so that you can choose the gasoline pressure washer that best suits your cleaning needs. If you have any other questions, please contact us, we are always ready to assist and answer all your questions.

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