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Inverter Generator vs Conventional Generator


Generators only need gasoline as fuel, and they can output electricity for several hours. It can be used to drive household refrigerators, TVs, telephones and mobile phone chargers, and can also illuminate home lights.

In addition, Generators can not only guarantee home appliances in the event of a power failure but also provide electricity when camping.

For ordinary household use, we recommend a portable generator. But you will find that there are two mainstream products for household generators (with output power between 800W-2500W), conventional generators and inverter generators (digital inverter generators). Under the same output power, the price of a digital inverter generator is expensive than a conventional generator. Inverter generator vs conventional generator, which one should you choose?

Conventional Generator

For a conventional generator, its power usually comes from gasoline. (Diesel engines are usually used in industrial production, which is more powerful but noisy). When the conventional generator starts to run, usually the engine starts to work at a speed of more than 3,000 revolutions per minute, generating a voltage of 240 volts and a frequency output of 50 Hz. Of course, the voltage and frequency can be adjusted to meet your application requirements.

But the conventional generator cannot maintain a very constant output, so the voltage and frequency are changing. This will cause the computer or LED TV to have ripples, crashes, and so on.

In addition, the portable conventional generator has a high speed, consumes more fuel, and generates a loud noise. The weight is about 10-20 kg.

conventional generatorgasoline generator

Inverter Generator

The working principle of inverter generators is more complicated, and the original cost is much higher than that of ordinary portable generators. But the power source is still an ordinary engine, and gasoline is also used.

The alternating current generated by the engine will first become direct current and then converted into alternating current by the electronic inverter.

At this time, the voltage and frequency of the alternating current can be guaranteed to be stable. Whether you are using a home router, a laptop, or a mobile phone charger, you will not be troubled by the unstable engine speed.

In addition, due to the inverter regulation circuit, the response of the engine becomes very fast. Once the output current demand drops, the engine speed will drop immediately; on the contrary, if the demand rises, the engine speed will also rise. Therefore, the inverter generator not only has low noise but also saves about 30% to 40% of fuel. Generally, 2.5 liters of ordinary gasoline can make the inverter generator work smoothly for 3.5-4.5 hours; the same amount is only enough for ordinary generators for 2.5-3 hours.

inverter generator.jpg

Brief summary:

Conventional generator, the machine is cheap, the noise is big, the fuel consumption is high, the output is unstable

Inverter generator, expensive machine, low noise, low fuel consumption, stable output.

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