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Which is better: single or double sided hedge trimmer



When choosing a hedge trimmer, there are two main options – one with a single-sided blade and one with a double-sided blade. Each model has strengths and weaknesses, so how do you decide which is better?

The most popular hedge trimmers are those with double-sided blades. This makes changing directions easy and fits most jobs, making it a good choice for many homeowners. Single-sided trimmers are usually lighter and have longer blades, making them ideal for large, straight-edged hedges.

Choosing the right option isn't always easy, so BISON has compared the two types so you can make an informed choice. We'll cover what attachments single-sided blades typically have to make the job easier and why double-sided blades are considered good all-rounders. Read on to learn more.

Single-sided hedge trimmers – Great for long, straight hedges


Single-sided or single-edge, or one-sided hedge trimmers have cutting teeth on only one side of the trimming head. These hedge trimmers offer some advantages when tackling tall or long hedges, as their light weight and longer blade length make them ideal for professionals. Let's look at the pros and cons of these in more detail:

Advantages of single-sided hedge trimmers

  • Improved control: No blade on one side means you only need to focus your motion in one direction for precise trimming, especially in tight or tricky spaces.

  • Lightweight: Single-sided hedge trimmers are generally lighter than double-sided hedge trimmers. The reduced weight makes them easier to handle and maneuver, reducing fatigue during long pruning sessions.

  • Longer blades: Because these models are lighter, you can install blades up to 32 inches and even longer without losing the balance of the tool. This means operators can reach the taller branches of many hedges without a ladder or platform and make long, thorough cuts over larger areas.

  • Clipping collectors available: Single-sided models often come with clipping collectors or debris guard attachments that help direct clippings away from the hedge for faster and easier cleanup.

  • Cutting thick branches: Single-sided hedge trimmers provide more torque and a wider tooth pitch, meaning these models can often cut thicker branches and handle more woody hedges.

The disadvantage of single-sided hedge trimmers

  • Reduced cutting efficiency: No blade on one side means you can't use the back-and-forth sweeping motion, reducing efficiency. Therefore, you may need more passes to achieve a clean, even cut than with a double-sided model.

  • Difficult to change direction: With single-sided blades, changing direction without shifting your position or changing how you hold the machine can be difficult.

  • Fewer options available: Since these trimmers are usually aimed at professional users, there aren't as many different models to choose from as double-sided trimmers.

Double-sided hedge trimmer – a good all-rounder


Double-sided hedge trimmers, as the name suggests, have cutting teeth on both sides of the trimming head and are the most common type found in many sheds and garages across the country. Designed to handle a wide range of hedge sizes, these trimmers are the best choice for general use. Like any garden tool, they have pros and cons, so let's take a closer look at these.

Advantages of double-sided hedge trimmers

  • Increased cutting efficiency: The double-sided hedge trimmer's dual blades allow faster, more efficient cutting because you can cut through the hedge by moving the trimmer in opposite directions. This means they can easily handle large and small hedges, reducing pruning time significantly.

  • Balanced cut: The double-sided trimmer provides a more balanced weight distribution, making it very comfortable to handle during prolonged use. This feature minimizes stress on the user's arms, shoulders, and back.

  • Versatility: The double-sided hedge trimmer is excellent for shaping and carving hedges thanks to its dual blades allowing multiple trimming directions. They provide an even cut regardless of the trimming angle.

  • Easier to use: Many homeowners find this hedge trimmer easier to use than single-sided models, especially in small gardens with limited maneuvering space.

  • More models to choose from: As double-sided hedge trimmers become more popular, there is a wider variety, with many stores stocking corded, cordless, and gas-powered machines. Petrol Vs Electric Hedge Trimmers

Disadvantages of double-sided hedge trimmers

  • Caution needed: Blades on both sides mean you must be more careful when doing a full trim than single-sided trimmers. This can be a disadvantage when working in tricky or hard-to-reach areas.

  • Increased weight: Double-sided hedge trimmers with long blades tend to be heavier than single-sided ones. This may make them less suitable for those with physical limitations or weaker upper body strength, although choosing a model with a shorter blade can help.

What is the difference between a single-edged hedge trimmer and a double-edged hedge trimmer?

FeatureSingle-sided Hedge TrimmersDouble-sided Hedge Trimmers
ControlImproved control due to one side bladeBalanced weight distribution for comfort
WeightGenerally lighterHeavier due to dual blades
Blade LengthLonger blades for reaching tall branchesLength varies, but long blades can add weight
AttachmentsClipping collectors or debris guards availableAttachments may vary by model
EfficiencyMore torque and wider tooth pitch for cutting thicker branchesHigh efficiency due to dual blades
Ease of UseMay be difficult to change directionEasier to use, especially in small gardens
VarietyFewer model optionsWider variety of models available
SafetySafer due to the blades on one sideExtra caution needed due to blades on both sides

In summary, single-sided hedge trimmers are ideal for long, straight hedges and are preferred by professionals due to their control and ability to handle thicker branches. On the other hand, double-sided hedge trimmers are versatile, efficient, and easier to use, making them a popular choice for general use and suitable for various hedge trimmers sizes.

in conclusion

There is no clear winner in the single-sided versus double-sided hedge trimmer debate, as the choice ultimately comes down to your specific needs and preferences. For straightforward, long, and straight hedges, a single-edged trimmer may suffice. However, if your landscaping needs involve detailed shaping or extensive trimming, a double-edged model might be a more suitable investment.

Explore BISON range of high-quality, durable, and efficient hedge trimmers today, designed to meet all your gardening needs. Contact us for more information.

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