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can you add remote start to the generator



Imagine: It's raining outside. The weather is terrible. It's scary. There was a sudden power outage, and everything went dark! Dogs are barking out, and owls are hooting. Adding a remote start to your generator can help you overcome all these problems.

you don't have to rush outside in the rain and darkness to get to the generator room and start the machine. Your generator has a remote start function; you can create it right there!

But can you add remote start functionality to any generator?

In this piece, we are set to delve into the realm of remote start systems for generators. We will thoroughly analyze the diverse types at our disposal, their compatibility with generator, and go through the intricate details of the installation process. Continue reading to discover how you can augment your power backup solution with added comfort and assurance.

Types of remote start systems

The most commonly used remote start system is the key fob, which is similar to the key fobs used in cars, and they offer a simple solution for starting the generator from a close distance.

Other less commonly used remote start types include smartphone apps and automatic transfer switches (ATS) with remote functionality.

What is a remote start generator?

Remote start feature built into generator conveniently eliminates need for you to be present to start it. With the remote start feature, when you press the start button, the remote start button combined with the manual toggle switch allows you to be within range of the button press, and the engine can automatically send a signal to the remote start kit for immediate, worry-free starting.

A remote-start generator is a beautiful machine. The remote start function is handy when working at night, in the morning, or when it rains outside.

Is a remote start function an absolute convenience or an unnecessary, expensive item?

Many people consider the remote start feature an extra option that adds to the price of an otherwise inexpensive generator. For others, the remote start feature is essential and highly convenient. The manner and circumstances under which you choose to utilize your generator will be the determining factors.

 If, for example, you want to use it with an RV, getting a remote start is straightforward.

The generator's built-in remote start functionality conveniently removes the requirement for your physical presence to initiate it. You can operate all the appliances in your RV without getting out of bed. This means you can quickly turn on the lights without moving around the car.

A big decision?

Remote start is essential during inclement weather. Often, bad weather causes the primary power grid to go down. If you plan to preset your generator, a remote starter will prevent you from leaving the house in the rain, wind, or snow trying to start the generator.

Initially, this might not appear significant. Yet, it can shield you from potential risks associated with slipping and falling. At the very least, it can make getting safely through a power outage easier.

Advantages of remote generator control

When it's raining heavily, the last thing you want to do is go outside, braving a stormy night to start the machine! That's exactly where a wireless remote monitor enters the scenario. Here are some benefits that a remote offers:

Easily mountable

If you are experiencing a power outage, it's helpful to have easy access to your remote generator monitoring device. These devices usually come with a cradle for desk or wall mounting. Others have a magnetic back that is used to attach the refrigerator. Most of them are small, compact, and convenient.

Status indicators

The wireless remote generator monitoring gadget is equipped with sound alerts and signal lights, informing you about servicing needs your generator might have. Wireless status indicators make it possible to troubleshoot any problems before a problem causes the generator to shut down. Basic and advanced types can monitor machines up to 60 kW. It caters to most residential installations.

Full simulation control panel

A simulated control panel gives instant status updates without leaving home. You can easily do the following:

  • Change the time and date of the exercise.

  • Conduct a comprehensive test of the engine or transfer switch.

  • Check the date to see if the training was run on time.

  • Check for errors and control the state of preparation.

  • A wireless remote generator monitor allows you to manage everything from the comfort of indoors while remaining cozy and dry.

Permanently powerful

A remote generator monitoring device typically operates with A/C battery backup. No matter your situation, therefore, you can always get updates about the generator status. When power goes out, battery will provide power. The machine lets you know when the battery power is low by chirping. Replacing the batteries is easy. You also don't need any tools to open the case.


Does your portable generator have remote start capability?

Many generators already have a remote start feature built in. Not all generators are created equal, and older generators, especially those made before the widespread adoption of remote technology, may lack the electronics needed for remote start integration.

Background research: Purchase a noise-free machine

Numerous studies have shown that living in a noise-free environment can significantly reduce the risk of joint heart attack and hearing loss. Since living in a noise-free environment benefits people, you should consider purchasing a quiet, portable generator. This kind will provide efficient electrical power without noise and ultimately give you mental peace. It will provide comfort.

How can you make your old generator work with a remote control gadget? What if you have an old, experienced home generator that served you well?  What if you want convenience of new remote control features now, but can't afford to buy a new generator?  You may wonder if your old generator can be adjusted to work with a remote control.  The good news is: yes, it can! 

There's no need to invest a substantial amount.  All you have to do is arrange to buy a wireless remote control transmitter.  If your generator already has a remote control input, this transmitter will function well.  After you've adjusted this, your generator is simple to turn on and off from ten to one hundred meters away. 

How to install generator remote start kit.

You can start your generator without going there in person with a remote start kit. The engine can start immediately when the start button is pressed because it will send a signal to the remote start kit.

Step 1: Locate the remote start connector

Usually, the generator's remote start connector is located on the rear of the control panel.  Once you have located plug, pull it out of connector.

Step 2: Insert the connector

There will be a connector on a remote, like a six-prong connector. Please put it into the remote start device.

Step 3: Remove the backing

Remove the hook and loop strips' backing on the rear of the remote start device. Please fasten it to the side of panel.

Step 4: Locate and remove the nut

Locate the nut on the battery side of the starter. This will be a positive aspect. Specific remote start units will have it located below and to the left of the generator's star panel. Remove the nut. Connect the red wire to the remote and the positive battery cable. Then restore the nut to its initial location.

Step 5: Turn the key switch on

The specific model of the remote start kit you bought will determine whether you need to complete this final step. Particular models require holding the key switch to activate the remote start because they are made for wired remote starts. It will require a battery, though. You can leave the key switch ON for up to seven days without turning on the generator. The voltage is subsequently adjusted down to the necessary level to initiate generator.

You can proceed with the following instructions to effectively start your wireless remote start system. Carefully read the directions and adhere to them precisely before beginning the installation. Simple remote start kits are best for beginners. Sometimes, you have to flip a switch and insert a wire. Set aside complex generator starter kits for more experienced users.

Factors to consider before remote starting a generator

While the appeal of remote starting to a generator is undeniable, a thoughtful decision needs toevaluate several factors:

Cost and benefit: In some cases, older generators may have limited compatibility with modern remote start systems. If your generator is nearing the end of its useful life or needs major repairs, purchasing a new generator equipped with a factory-installed remote start may be more cost-effective than retrofitting older equipment.

Installation complexity: Assessing your skill level is critical. Installing a remote boot system involves the use of electrical components, which can pose a safety risk if not done properly. A qualified electrician will ensure proper installation and compliance with electrical codes.

Features required: Remote boot systems have different features and price points. Evaluate different options to discover one that harmonizes your requirements and budget.

Safety first: The importance of professional installation cannot be overstated. Incorrect wiring can result in fire, electric shock, or generator damage. Look for remote start systems with built-in safety features, such as the ability to shut down automatically if fuel is low or overheated.

Investing time ahead of time to carefully weigh these factors will help you make an informed decision to add remote start capabilities to your generator, maximizing convenience and safety.


Can you control the generator remotely?

When you're away from your facility, and the power goes out, you may not check in on your generator immediately. Remote monitoring allows you to control your unit from anywhere at any time.


Remote start generator makes it easy to start machine and hassle-free. That way, you won't have to worry whenever there is a blackout, or the weather is inclement.

However, owning a portable generator is one thing. Having a portable generator that comes with a remote control is another. People who use generators regularly, even daily, will tell you.

A remote control feature allows you to start the generator without going to its location. What could be better than the marriage of elegance and convenience? It couldn't have come better.

The convenience and comfort of having a generator with a remote control system are unparalleled. You can carry on with your necessary tasks with this device without getting tired. It becomes very easy to start the generator from a safe distance.

Ready to explore a powerful generator with seamless remote start? BISON generator is the perfect choice for you, designed for both convenience and reliability. Visit our website today to learn more about the remote startup feature!

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