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Repair and maintenance of high-pressure washers



Regular maintenance for the high-pressure washer is the best way to keep its long service life and high efficiency. BISON experts are willing to help customers make better use of our machine. In this article, you can find specific pressure washer tips and common repair solutions. At first, you should be familiar with all the parts of the pressure washer and the location of each part. All brands of high-pressure washers have similar basic components.

Routine maintenance

Various nozzles, tanks, and hoses may become clogged and should be checked frequently.

After using the cleaner, spray with clean water for a few minutes to remove cleaner residue. After using the pressure washer, turn off the pressure washer and water supply, and drain excess water to ensure your machine is clean. Also make sure there is no debris in the vents, tank or hoses.

Periodic maintenance

  • The pump oil should be changed after the first 25 hours of operation on the new machine. After the initial oil change, the pump oil should be changed every 250 hours or every 3 months. Always check the oil level before each use.

  • The engine oil should be changed after the first 10 to 15 hours of operation on the new machine. After the initial oil change, the oil should be changed every 100 hours or every 3 months. Always check the oil level before each use.

  • Check the air filter monthly and replace the filter at least every 6 months.

  • Replace the fuel filter every 3 to 6 months.

  • You need to replace the O-ring when you see signs of wear, especially at the connection between the high-pressure hose and the spray gun.

Troubleshooting guide for high pressure cleaning machines

Is there any problem with your pressure washer? When you are using any type of power tool, problems may occur. We will guide you to solve a series of common problems and show you the best way to solve the problem. Whether it is water pressure, water leakage or other problems, we have a large number of repair methods, you can try to solve various problems. In the end, your pressure washer should be restored to perfect working condition!

Water leakage at the hose 

If the hose connection is leaking, please check the connection, check, and connect it correctly to solve the problem. Or you may have damaged or worn rubber gaskets. If so, replace it, then it could be use normally

Insufficient pressure of the pressure washer

It may be due to incorrect nozzle size or worn nozzles. Your pressure washer may be running at low pressure. Please replace any worn or damaged nozzles. In addition, you need to check whether the water is completely open and that there is enough water flowing through the pump. For pressure washers with self-priming function, please make sure that there is no dirt blocking the water inlet. Of course, improper fittings (such as overly long hoses, poorly sealed connectors) can also cause pressure reduction.

High pressure washer is very noisy

You may need to check your air filter to make sure it does not have any debris; if it is dirty, clean or replace as much as possible. You can also check whether your spark plug is worn or dirty, and if possible, clean or replace it. If you haven’t used your gasoline pressure washer for a long time, it may be due to fuel deterioration。

High pressure washer pump is leaking

If your pump is leaking, this may happen. If your rest time exceeds 2-3 minutes, make sure you have turn off the machine. Otherwise, the water in the pump will continue to flow and heat up. When your pump overheats, it can cause damage and may break. To prevent the pump from overheating, BISON is equipped with a thermal safety valve that will release hot water when the pump becomes too hot.

cannot disconnect high pressure hose or garden hose from the pump

This is usually because there is still pressure inside the pressure washer. You need to squeeze the trigger to release the pressure and then try to disconnect the hose again

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