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Your Key To Success: Inverter Generator


If you wholesale new generators on the market, you may have noticed that there are many different types of generators: household backup generators, portable generators, gasoline generators, diesel generators, inverter generators, and so on. Fortunately, BISON will be here to help you solve your problems. We have a wide range of inverter generators, ranging from 1250 watts to 5000 watts.

What is an inverter generator?

An inverter generator is a type of generator that can process electricity into electricity similar to that of the public grid. This type of equipment mainly obeys Faraday's law, when a displacement occurs between a conductor and a magnetic field, an electric current is generated. Its fuel is usually gasoline or diesel, of course, there are also inverter generators of other fuel types. Inversion refers to the conversion of electric power from direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC), which is the opposite of the rectifier that converts alternating current to direct current. Direct current refers to current that flows in only one direction in a circuit. Alternating current refers to the current that switches directions on a circuit, which is also the type of current used in our homes and businesses.

Inverter generators can be light, heavy, or equipment installed in recreational vehicles (RV). Inverter generators are usually the first choice for daily power generation because they run quieter than traditional generators and help protect electronic equipment, precision equipment, etc.

2000 Watt Inverter GeneratorOpen Frame Inverter Generator

How does the inverter generator work?

BISON inverter technology uses the original power generated by the generator and uses a special microprocessor to adjust it through a multi-step process to provide clean power for sophisticated electrical equipment. First, the alternator generates a high-voltage multi-phase alternating current. The alternating current is then converted to a direct current. Finally, the DC power is converted back to AC power through the inverter. The inverter can clean the power source and make it of high quality. A microcomputer control system controls the entire process, including engine speed, voltage, current, frequency, power, etc. The output power can be automatically adjusted according to the size of the external electrical appliances, thereby improving the output efficiency of the generator. BISON uses only high-quality inverters in our generators to ensure stable and consistent power generation.

Advantages of inverter generators - what are the benefits of inverter generators?

Lighter and more portable

Inverter generator manufacturer BISON considered portability when designing the inverter generator. Most types of inverter generators are lighter, with handles and wheels.

High-quality power output

BISON inverter technology means stable, high-quality power, you don't need to worry about damaging precision electrical appliances or electronic products. BISON inverter generators use pure sine wave inverters. Therefore, in most cases, THD is limited to less than 1%. Inverter technology allows the generator to power any electronic device, no matter how sensitive it is: laptops, cell phones, cameras, tablets, etc.

Higher fuel efficiency

The inverter generator can automatically adjust the engine speed to generate only the power required by all electrical appliances. Traditional generators must run at 3600 RPM to generate 60 Hz electricity. But the inverter generator can run at a much lower RPM while maintaining frequency and power. Since the engine does not have to run at full speed all the time, fuel consumption can be reduced by as much as 40%. It also helps reduce exhaust emissions.

Quiet operation

BISON inverter generator is much quieter than traditional models, and produces 59dB noise when working, which is equivalent to a conversation between two people. Because the engine does not run at full speed all the time, it is much quieter. In addition, special sound-absorbing materials and BISON engines also help to keep our inverter generators quiet.

Parallel ability

Although the average power of the inverter generator is about 2000-4000 watts, you can pair it with another device to double your power. The parallel function allows you to use two smaller, lighter generators to complete the work of a larger generator-without sacrificing portability.

The cost

The inverter generator uses a permanent magnet generator, no carbon brushes, no wear and no maintenance. Traditional generators have low power generation efficiency, high power consumption, and troublesome maintenance. The brushes of traditional generators need to be replaced regularly.

Disadvantages of inverter generators


The power range of traditional generators is more powerful than ordinary inverter generators. If you need to power an entire house or heavy machinery, the inverter generator may not be powerful enough. Inverter generators are more suitable for outdoor activities, RVs and emergency situations to power some household appliances.


Compared with portable generators of the same power, inverter generators tend to have a higher price.

Use of inverter generator

Due to the high quality of the power it produces, inverters are ideal generators for ordinary consumers to power electronic devices, no matter where they are: country houses, garages, camping, hunting, fishing...professionals also The advantages of the inverter can be used, especially the mute. For example, a construction company will work at any time without disturbing neighbours; a marketing company will organize outdoor activities... It is not recommended to use inverter equipment to power machines that operate under extreme power or consumption conditions, such as motors Welding machines, hammers, concrete mixers, construction machinery, inverter welding machines or metallurgical machines. They can also be used for more reasons, such as:

  • Power failure or failure of the backup power supply.

  • Use low-power generators.

  • Provide electricity for caravan travel.

  • Food truck.

  • Outdoor activities.

  • I use large electronic devices.

  • The power source is far away from the main grid.

Inverter generator wholesale guide

Inverter GeneratorBS1000IBS2000I
Rated power/ Max. power0.8/1.0KW1.6/2.0KW
DC output12V 8.3A12V 8.3A
Engine typeAir cooled, 2-stroke, single cylinderAir cooled, 4-stroke, OHV, single cylinder
Compression ratio7.6:18.7:1
Starting systemRecoil starterRecoil starter
Fuel tank capacity3.5L4L
1/2 load continuous running time4.5h6h
Net weight8.5kg21.5kgs

Where are you going to use it?

Portability is a big advantage of inverter generators, but there are still big differences in portability between different models and manufacturers. For camping trips, the lighter the better. Look for models with comfortable grip and wheels that can roll well on uneven ground. For motorhome trips, you can use a slightly larger and heavier model for management, because you don't have to carry it with you. For motorhomes, when you gain more power, the extra weight is worth it.

What kind of runtime do you need?

What do you plan to run on the inverter generator and how long will it take? This may be the most important question. You need to list all the electrical equipment that you want to charge or run on the inverter generator, and then calculate its power. Then select the generator of the appropriate power and the generator oil tank of the appropriate size.

What is the acceptable noise level in the area of ??use?

Inverter generators are already much quieter than traditional portable generators, but there are still some differences in noise levels between different models of inverter generators. Customize a suitable generator according to the noise regulations of the area

What is your budget?

The last question to ask is how much you are willing to spend. Of course, the larger your budget, the more functions and quality of the generator. BISON is a Chinese inverter generator factory, which can customize generators according to your specific needs.

Inverter generator usage guide

  • It must be placed in a safe place and placed horizontally.

  • Do not contact liquids.

  • Pay attention to ventilation, it will produce carbon monoxide when it works.

Maintenance of inverter generator

Improper maintenance of the inverter generator will affect the normal operation of the equipment, shorten its service life, and invalidate the warranty. If the generator is working in a dusty or high-temperature environment, it should be maintained more frequently.

BISON inverter generator maintenance procedures:

  • Engine oil: Check the oil level before each use. Change the oil for the first time after the first 20 hours, and change the oil every 100 hours for the second time and thereafter.

  • Oil filter: check and clean every 50 hours. Replace it when it looks bad.

  • Spark plug: clean and adjust the electrode every 50 hours. Replace it up to 300 hours, or when it is damaged or cannot produce good sparks.

  • Engine valve: adjusted every 500 hours.

  • Combustion chamber: clean every 500 hours.

  • Filter and fuel tank: clean every 500 hours.

  • Fuel hose: Replace every two years or when damaged.

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