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How to use the high-pressure cleaner to clean carpets


Does your carpet look old and dirty? Due to the accumulation of dirt, the colour of the carpet may be inconsistent, but you cannot use a normal brush to wash away all the dirt. So is it possible to use the high-pressure cleaner to clean the carpet? Follow BISON and use the pressure cleaner to clean outdoor carpets.

high-pressure clean carpets

How to clean carpets with the high-pressure cleaner?

Can the carpet be cleaned with high pressure water jets? We know that pressure washers can deep clean furniture and other hard surfaces, but carpets are soft and fragile, can you deep clean your carpet with a pressure washer without damaging it? Also, can you be at home by yourself? Or should I leave it to a professional carpet cleaner?

When used correctly, a pressure washer can give your carpet a new look. Make sure the carpet is cleaned at 1500 PSI or less, the low pressure cleaning test will not cause any damage.

If the carpet is of a washable material and can be placed in the garden, driveway, etc., then the cleaning process can begin. Apply the cleaner with a soap nozzle, then use a high-pressure cleaning brush or regular nozzle to clean any stubborn stains and cleaner residue. After that, all you need to do is let it dry.

Materials for high-pressure cleaning of carpets

  1. Low PSI high pressure cleaner with nozzle (Optional high-pressure cleaning brush)

  2. Empty place

  3. Carpet cleaner

  4. Drying equipment

After preparing all the necessary equipment, you can use the high-pressure cleaner to clean the carpet.

Step guide about the high-pressure carpet cleaning

You had known that you can use the high-pressure cleaner to clean carpets, and the step guide can help you get more details. You can complete the cleaning by yourself according to the following methods.

  1. Find a suitable cleaning area

    The cleaning area should not only be spacious, but it should also be clean and easy to drain. A good place like the outdoor wooden deck, sidewalk or your garage. To prevent the carpet from becoming dirtier, you can clean the outdoor area with a pressure cleaner before cleaning the carpet.

  2. Clean the carpet

    In order to save the time of pressure cleaning, you can use a vacuum cleaner for preliminary cleaning. Then roll it up and take it outside.

  3. Clean the carpet with detergent

    Use a black nozzle to spray the cleaner evenly on the floor, and then use the high-pressure cleaner to brush away any stubborn stains. Please pay attention not to stay in the same place for long, as this may cause damage to the carpet.

  4. Dry the carpet

    After cleaning the carpet, you need to dry it in a clean place and pls don't stain the carpet again.

high-pressure clean carpets

There are a few things you may need to pay attention to when using the high-pressure cleaner to clean carpets.

  • 1. When cleaning with the high-pressure cleaner, pls make sure to maintain the correct distance, which should be approximately 12 inches.

  • 2. Pls make sure to use the correct cleaning agent and high pressure washer brush.

Cleaning the carpet with a high-pressure cleaner is not as difficult as you think. If you do it the right way, a carpet which looks old will become new and beautiful soon. Don't need professionals, only need a clean outdoor area, a high-pressure cleaner, and suitable detergents. To be foolproof, Pls read the instructions before using the pressure cleaner.

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