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How to Winterize and Store a Pressure Washer?


If you don't prepare the high-pressure washer before the winter, some residual moisture in the pump may turn into ice due to the cold, causing the pump to appear tiny cracks. For cold areas, storing the high-pressure washer indoors cannot guarantee that it will not be damaged. We must make proper preparations for the winter in order to extend the service life of the pressure washer.

How to Winterize and Store a Pressure Washer?

Prepare materials:

  • 1. A bucket of clean water.

  • 2. Garden hose or water inlet pipe.

  • 3. Antifreeze.

  • 4. cloth.

Detailed instructions of prepare the high-pressure washer in the winter

1. Stabilize gasoline

For the gasoline pressure washer, it is important to add the fuel stabilizer to the fuel tank, which can ensure that the gasoline will not deteriorate during storage and block the fuel line. After adding the fuel stabilizer, you need to run the gasoline pressure washer for at least 2 minutes to ensure that the fuel stabilizer is mixed with the gasoline in the entire fuel system, and then turn it off. For electric pressure washers, you don't need to do this step.

2. Rinse clean water

Make sure to remove all water and system washers. Put the injection tube of the electric pressure washer into a bucket of clean water (warm water is also fine, please be careful not to get too hot). Connect the garden hose to the pressure washer and turn it on. Point the trigger gun in a safe direction, hold the spray gun and spray water for two minutes to remove all detergent residues in the system, and then disconnect the water supply. Squeeze the trigger of the gun to release any trapped pressure. Lock the trigger gun in the closed position, put down the high-pressure hose, disconnect the trigger gun with nozzle, and dry all accessories, store them in a proper place.

3. Add antifreeze pump protector

You need to add an antifreeze pump protector to the pump inlet to protect the internal seals. The freeze pump protector can prevent the formation of anti-formation and prevent its polymerization. Connect the pump protector to the inlet of the water pipe of the high-pressure washer, and press the switch of the pump protector until bubbles emerge from the end. This can be another part of the protection and seal damage during storage, as well as other internal components and pump head candy.

4. Storage

Finally, wipe the pressure washer with a cloth and cover it. If possible, store it in a warm, dry place. This is a better option if you have some space in your basement or garage. To prevent anything from being dropped or bumped, make sure to wrap it in a cloth or original carton for extra protection. This also protects it from dust, water and debris...  

After completing the above steps, any problems with cracked valves or seals in the pump due to residual moisture freezing will be avoided. Plus, it protects your engine from any moisture that could cause engine failure.

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