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replacing the pump oil of a high pressure washer


If you need to change the oil in your high-pressure washer pump, we will show you how to do it. This will keep your pressure washer well maintained, which will make it function better and last longer.

Keeping abreast of the oil change situation has many benefits for your high pressure washer, including:

  • Pumps need oil to reduce wear, friction and heat generation of moving parts. Oil can prevent these components from failing prematurely.

  • As mentioned earlier, it reduces overheating. This protects the seal because the heat will expand the seal and increase the risk of cracking.

  • If you do not change the oil in time, your warranty may become invalid.

  • Therefore, if your pump requires manual oil changes, it is best to follow this guide.

How to change pump oil on a high pressure washer

First run the pressure washer for a few minutes to empty the dirt and water. Then pour the remaining oil in the pump into the tray. Use a funnel to add new oil (without detergent) to the pump until it is about 3/4 full. Turn off the pump firmly and place the high pressure washer in an upright position. Let us understand the best way to change the pump oil of a high pressure washer.

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Cleaning the pump

    Turn on the water supply and remove the spray gun from the spray gun. Start the engine and hold the trigger of the high-pressure washer gun for two minutes to remove the remaining water and dirt. This will also heat the high-pressure cleaner, helping to remove dirt more easily.

  2. Drain the oil

    Now, the engine needs to be drained of oil and fuel. First, you need to loosen and remove the service bolt on the top of the reservoir-or unscrew the knob-to repeve the internal pressure. If you have bolts, this is where your wrench comes into play.

    You have four options for removing oil. One is to use an oil drain plug to drain it from the bottom of the oil pan. It can also be sucked out with a sniffer. Or you can use an electric or hand pump to pump it out.

    You can also tilt the pressure washer in both directions and pour the used oil into the container.

    If you need other options, please prepare an oil pan or old tray to catch the remaining oil.

  3. Store oil

    After pouring out the old oil, pour it into the oil storage container and set it aside temporarily. You need to deal with it in accordance with local regulations. Now, put the drain bolt or knob back in place.

  4. Add new oil

    Before using our method, be sure to check the manufacturer's instructions, as this depends on the pressure washer and pump you have. Some models have pre-metered pump oil bottles.

    In general, you should use pump oil that does not contain detergent. Take your funnel and pour oil into the pump until it is about 3/4 full.

  5. Turn off the pump

    Now put the bolt back and tighten it. Use a rag to wipe off any spilled oil around or around the pd. Place the pressure washer in an upright position. After a few minutes, you can use the pressure washer again.

Frequently asked questions - replacing the pump oil of high pressure washer

How often does the pump oil of the high-pressure cleaner be changed?

About once every three months or so. In other words, this is approximately every 200 to 250 hours of work. But before adhering to this recommendation, please check the manufacturer's regulations, as it may vary depending on your specific model.

How to make your pump oil last longer?

You cannot do anything to extend the life of the oil. It seems to be replaced every 250 hours of operation, but this will keep your pump in top condition.

Now that you know how to change the pump oil of a high-pressure washer, you are moving in the right direction for pump maintenance. Pumps can be expensive, so determining this routine will help you extend the life of the high pressure washer pump. It only takes five short steps to change the oil, and once completed, you can reuse the high pressure washer. Change the oil within the next 200-250 hours!

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